7 Stores to Buy White Metal Detector Replacement Battery: White’s Treasure Pro Metal Detector Cost

One drawback with some metal detectors is the absence of accessories, which makes replacement difficult. A white metal detector is one of the best to buy when buying a metal detector. Whites Electronics, also known as Whites Metal Detectors, was founded in the 1950s. They are reliable products, and their accessories are readily available. Most times, users purchase through online retailers. In case you are a beginner and have no idea where to buy from, this article will provide you with the list of 7 top US online stores to buy white metal replacement batteries from.

Among the greatest metal detectors in the market are white metal detectors. In terms of efficiency and how it manages its battery life, each metal detector is unique. Some of the best metal detectors have a longer battery life, while others will always have battery problems because they don’t last long on one set of batteries. In such cases, you either keep recharging your metal detector every 5 hours or carry a spare battery around with you.

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The batteries in your metal detector should last roughly between 18 hours – 20 hours on average, though this varies. The length of time your metal detector batteries last is determined by how often you use your detector and the type of batteries you use; 9-volt ALKALINE batteries are recommended.

There are different types of metal detectors available at Whites electronics; they have a wide range of models and costs. The great thing about the white brand is that their accessories are readily available. If you are looking for where to buy the white detector accessories like the replacement battery, check out these US online stores.

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7 Online Stores to Buy White Metal Detector Replacement Battery


Amazon.com is one of the trusted US online stores where you can buy and sell products such as electronics, books etc. If you are planning to join the group of detectorists; and need a tool, check through Amazon.com, there are plenty of metal detectors available on the site. See this one here for a very affordable price.


This is another reliable US online store where you can buy several items including a metal detector; ranging from simple to advanced metal detecting tools.


There is a large selection of metal detectors for beginners and professionals at detectorexpert.com. These tools are designed for detecting gold, silver, coins or reasonable relics. The choice is yours!


Treasuresinamerica.com is a US online store that sells quality metal detectors of all brands. It is one of the popular sites that sell dependable white metal detectors.


MetalDetectors.com is a trusted US online store. They sell all kinds of mining equipment. You can find a variety of metal detectors on the site.

Bestbuy com

Visit bestbuy.com to buy your metal detectors. You can find metal detectors of different types and uses there.


Undeniably, Walmart is one of the places to get quality products. They’ve been in existence since 1962. Not only groceries and household items are sold in Walmart stores, but you can also buy metal detectors from there.

white’s treasure pro metal detector cost

The TreasurePro is a fantastic metal detector that is specifically built for beginners and is also quite affordable. The Automatic Ground Balance is one of the features of the white Treasure Pro; it adapts to ground conditions while you hunt for greater depth and sensitivity to small targets.

The TREASUREpro is a simple-to-use detector with just enough features to offer you an advantage in tricky scenarios. Programs like Tone ID, configurable discrimination, Track-Loc ground balancing, and High-Trash can help. The battery lasts long, and when it starts failing, don’t worry! You can easily find it; and the replacement cost is between $330 – $450.

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Where to buy a whites treasure pro metal detector

A white treasure pro metal detector can be purchased online. There are various online retailers to choose from; before deciding which one to buy from, consider the delivery time, and site reliability. Without a doubt, Amazon, eBay, and Treasuresinamerica.com are among the most popular. Any of the aforementioned online stores sell a white treasure pro metal detector.

To buy a whites treasure pro metal detector you please visit this page on the amazon store check it out.

White Metal Detector Replacement Battery Cost and Where to Buy It

The white metal detector replacement battery is available on Amazon here as at the writing of this article, eBay and detector experts. On average the price ranges from $18.25 to $265 when I compared their price on various stores. You can visit the eBay store, or Amazon website to check out which price best suits you.  Please check out this selection here on eBay and Amazon is here. You may also like to can check the Treasures In America store and finally the Detector Expert store group at White metal detector batteries.

White metal detectors battery pack

White’s metal detector detectors battery pack is a complete set that includes the original box, charger, battery, battery holder. It cost between $650.00 – $1400.

White’s classic SL metal detector

One of the white metal brands is the white classic SL metal detector. It is a multipurpose device that can detect anything from relics to gold. Backlight, Discrimination Knob, Pulse Induction, and Volume Control are among the features.

Surprisingly, the recovery time is short, and it can penetrate deeper.

White’s GMT

The White’s Goldmaster GMT metal detector assists in discovering gold. This gold nugget detector eliminates the rough ground common in gold-bearing locations, making prospecting easier and allowing you to find large and small nuggets, as well as coins.

For expert users, manual controls are accessible, with each option including a suggested initial value. By integrating digital microprocessor software to automatically track and reduce ground mineralization, the GoldMaster GMT has made it easier to accomplish and manage ground rejection. AT Max vs Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Reviews

Whites MX sport metal detector

The White’s MX Sport is a multi-functional waterproof metal detector.  It is very useful in relic hunting, coin collection, and even gold prospecting. In all ground conditions, it’s ideal for land and water hunting.

MX Sport expands on the renowned MXT with new features and cutting-edge technology, and it has its origins in the MX range. Because of its dependability, ruggedness, and established performance, relic hunters chose the MXT.

Additionally, the 22 various audio tones contained on the MX Sport detector will make you hear the sound of treasure.


White’s metal detectors are fantastic, making your metal detecting trips productive. Most of White’s metal detectors are waterproof, have built-in pinpointers, and come with headphones.

If you’re new to metal detecting, there are gadgets designed specifically for beginners. Read the handbook to learn how to set it up and get started.

White’s is a company that makes a variety of treasure hunting gear. Detectorist chooses this device since the battery and other accessories are readily available.

 If the battery needs to be replaced, any of the US retailers listed on this page can help. Compare the prices and products available on the various websites.

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