All About Toyota Rav4 Check Engine Light VSC Trac Off and VSC Lights 

All About Toyota Rav4 Check Engine Light

Toyota is a popular name in the car industry.  They have sold almost as many cars as general motors. The popular Toyota corolla is a quite a classic vehicle that has ferried many 9-5ers across the states to their respective places of labor and brought them home to their families. It would be impracticable to not have seen a Toyota at least once. They are typically affordable and can perform all the regular functions we need cars to perform. 

You know sometimes we forget, cars are meant to primarily take us from one location to another. The speed, comfort and experience are entirely different things. But trust humans to seek after the most comfortable means of transportation.  How Often Does Car AC Need to be Recharged

If anyone innovates and makes comfortable transportation a little bit more affordable, we will see people in their numbers opting for the new cars. 

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The Toyota Rav 4 which this article focuses on is a 4 wheel drive Toyota model that has a hatchback and is ideal for traveling to far places. In this article, we are going to look at all about Toyota Rav4 check engine light.

There are two group of lights that come on in a Toyota. They are;

  • CEL,VSC and 4WD light is on
  • VSC, ABS and Brake light is on

In the first scenario, the Check Engine Light (CEL), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and 4 wheel drive (4WD) lights indicates that there is something not quite right with the engine. If you want to know all about the Toyota Rav4 check engine you will pay attention. This includes what it means when Toyota Rav4 4WD stays on.

It can range from a bad spark plug to a loose gas cap. The lights being on is what prompts you to check. And you had better check so that you don’t put yourself in trouble on your way to work or church. The CEL actually disables the VSC and 4WD so that you cannot move the car unless you address the problems. The VSC for example is connected to the brake system. If the engine is not running right, the Engine Control Module (ECM) shuts down those systems affected. This is the reason why the 2010 Toyota Rav4 check engine light and 4WD lights are on.

In the second scenario, the VSC, Antilock Braking System (ABS) and sometimes TRAC (Skidding car icon) light come up at once. The series of light in this scenario indicate that there is a problem with the braking system quite similar to the Subaru Outback brake lights. It is usually an ABS failure of some sort.

The Electronic control Unit (ECU) is the system that monitors the wheel speed to control the ABS system. It works with sensors to detect the pulse. When it does, a code is sent to the ECU. But these codes are not always easily accessible by people.

Interestingly, according to RAV4 World 31% of RAV4 users who filled a survey about the first light scenario said it was as a result of defective Charcoal canister filter.24% of them said their light scenario was as a result of defective 02 sensors.

There are a lot of other reasons why your check engine light may be on, they include;

  • You need a new mass airflow sensor
  • Your catalytic converter has gone bad
  • You need new spark plugs
  • Your 02 sensor is bad
  • Your gas cap is not screwed in all the way.

What to do when the 2013 RAV4 check engine light and 4WD light is on is to first troubleshoot to find out which system components are compromised. The check engine light can be on for a multitude of reasons after all.

When your check engine light is on and you have trouble accelerating and experience reduced fuel economy, then you need a new massive airflow. If you delay, it can damage your catalytic converter, 02 sensors, and spark plugs.

The check engine light may also come on if your catalytic converter has gone bad. This is the car component that transforms carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide which the trees need to survive. When there is a problem with the catalytic converter, the car will tend to run hotter than usual and there will be reduced fuel economy and performance. 

Spark plugs may not seem like a big deal for a car but they are. It is responsible for the ignition. Without the spark plugs, the car won’t start. It is as simple as that. If they have gone bad, you will have trouble starting the Toyota car. Note however that spark plugs are a component of all car models and not just Toyotas. You absolutely do not want to delay in replacing them.

Your 02 sensor being bad can also be a reason for the check engine light. The 02 sensor is essential for fuel economy because it measures the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust system. If there is no fuel economy, it will make driving more expensive and less convenient.

Another instance can be the gas cap isn’t fitted properly. For this one, you likely don’t need a mechanic. Just come down from the vehicle and tighten the gas cap so that you can maximize the gas inside. The gas cap secures the gas and ensures that the gas does not escape. 

The meaning of Toyota RAV 4 4WD warning lights are the different lights that can come up to indicate potential hazards in driving the Toyota car until it has been checked out. The Toyota RAV4 VSC light can be reset if the mechanic has checked out the car and it is still in excellent condition, he can reset it. The Toyota RAV4 check engine light can also be reset.

Now you know why the 2010 Toyota RAV4 Check engine VSC and 4WD light is on. And even more importantly, we know what to do. The same goes for when 2013 Toyota RAV4 Check engine VSC and 4WD light is onHow to Unlock a Steering Wheel Without Turning the Key

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