17 Tow Trucks Near Me Cheap Here In Chicago

Have you found yourself and your car stuck on the roadside due to a flat tire, an accident, a dead car battery, or breaking down due to one technical fault? Just be calm as a need to contact some assistance is necessary. In Chicago, several towing companies with experienced staff members have the required equipment to render the services that will lift your car off the lonely road.

17 Tow Trucks Near Me Cheap Here In Chicago

So far, this article will also explore the meaning of tow trucks, an overview of towing services in Chicago, types of tow trucks, 17 Chicago towing companies, and much more.

What Is The Meaning Of A Tow Truck?

A tow truck is a truck with special equipment for pulling a vehicle that is not working to a place where you can repair it. It is also a vehicle with winches and crane mechanisms used in removing broken or wrecked cars to a place where they can work on them. Knowing what tow trucks are, the next is, do tow trucks come in different types?

Yes, they come in different types; tow trucks are not equal.

Hence, it is crucial or pays to know different types of tow trucks to suit your need when the time arises.

Most of the time, an emergency might arise due to one reason, as it could be annoying to be alone in the middle of a lonely road. The exciting part is that distance is not a barrier to helping you, the client who needs the services. No matter where you are in Chicago, don’t hesitate to pick up your phone to call the service number, or you can search on google.com for the nearest towing company near you. Remember, most of these towing companies are at your service 24/7, so don’t panic!

Types Of Tow Trucks


Professional, this gives a quick, easy, and simple as it uses the yoke attached to the back of the tow truck, perchance goes to the front wheel of the towed vehicle. It is a great truck to consider if you want to quickly lift a car on the high.

Integrated Tow Truck

The integrated tow truck made with an extra axle gives it more power and stability. Not all tow trucks are powerful as integrated tow trucks.

Hook and Chain Tow Truck

This truck uses the principle of hook and chain. The clip is attached to the towed vehicle’s bumper or axle with the chain’s help. Efficiently, hook and chain tow truck is used chiefly for cars stuck in the mud. It has a powerful winch but should not be used on 4×4 vehicles to avoid damage.


As the name implies, it has a flatbed which allows vehicles to load onto it. The flatbed bed slides to the ground; hence, a winch prevents sliding out of the car on the bed’s top.

Boom Tow Truck

The fascinating fact about the boom is that it has a hydraulic arm to lift the vehicle after being wrapped and hooked with a chain.

Oversized Tow Truck

In addition to the integrated tow truck, oversized tow trucks tow large vehicles and boats and transport them. This giant tow truck is used mainly by construction companies.

My Top Selection of Towing Service Chicago

Looking for towing service in Chicago, you have no worries, as below listed Towing Services near you in Chicago will be at your service.

Chicago 24Hour Towing:

Chicago 24Hour Towing is a professional towing service located at 5332 N Elston Ave #1, Chicago, IL 60630, United States. Services provided by Chicago 24Hour Towing service are fast, reliable, and secure for customers with timely and efficient equipment. Their services are considered one of the best in Chicago, and they provide 24/7 assistance to their clients.


Off-road recovery, tire change/replacement, fuel delivery, roadside assistance, heavy/medium/light duty towing.

Contact: +1 773-681-9670


Chicago Towing

Chicago Towing consists of experienced experts whose work is to provide outstanding service and render satisfaction to clients. Chicago tow gives affordable and reliable services.


Ignition key replacement, heavy/medium/light towing Chicago, accident recovery towing, off-road recovery, tire change/replacement.

Location: 200 W Madison St Suite 2100, Chicago, IL 60606.

Contact: +1 773-756-1460


Dark Angel Towing

Dark Angel Towing has its customers at top priority or holds them in high esteem.

They tend to proffer solutions to their client’s problems with the help of experienced, skilled workers. So far, their services are exquisite and genuine too.

Service/Products: towing motorcycles, tire services, and heavy-duty towing.

Location: 1025 N Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60651

Contact: +1 773-803-9688

Website: www.darkangeltowingchicago.com

GNG Towing and Roadside Assistance

GNG Towing and Roadside Assistance have experienced and well-trained technicians who provide quality service to clients to ensure efficiency.


Road assistance, accident towing, emergency towing, and many more.

Location: 2443 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Contact: +1 773-983-5716


How To Hire Tow Company In Chicago

The exciting part in hiring a cheap tow truck is that distance is not a barrier to helping you, the client who needs the services. So far, no matter where you are in Chicago, don’t hesitate to pick up your phone to call the service number, or you can search on google.com for the nearest towing company near you. Remember, most of these towing companies are at your service 24/7, so don’t panic, make the call.

17 Chicago Towing Companies

17 Chicago towing companies that provide towing services when your vehicle breaks down are as follows

Roscoe & Western Garage

Roscoe & Western Garage is a cheap tow truck company that has rendered services to Chicago people for the past 80 years. This company is known for its outstanding, fast, proper, and sincere service. They are one of the best in Chicago; they have a BBB rating of A+. With certified, skilled, experienced workers, Roscoe & Western Garage provides regular roadside assistance and guarantees 24hour towing truck service that meets your standards.

Services Categories

Truck service & repair, towing, automobile body repairing, brake repair, forklift and truck repair, truck air-conditional equipment & repair, and others.

Method of Payment

Master Card, Amex, Cash, Debit, Visa, Discover.

Phone: 773-281-0333

Address: 3355 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Email: roscoewestern@yahoo.com


Toll Truck Service in Chicago

Toll truck service in Chicago offers transport services and towing services having quick- response at affordable prices. Giving the best is their priority. This company provides roadside assistance, winch and recovery service, wreck service, flatbed towing, 24hour emergency tow, and more.

Service Categories

Towing, autobody parts repair, towing equipment, wrecker service, and automobile roadside service.

Method of Payment

Amex, Discover, Master Cards, Visa.

Phone: 630-446-2388

Address: 223 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60606

Logan Square Auto Repair

Logan square auto repair in Chicago was established in 1997 to provide reliable professional services to clients as they are rated A+ by BBB. They are the best in Chicago because of their excellent, reputation. The fascinating feature that makes this company different is the approach of its skilled and certified workers. These workers explain to their clients in layman’s terms as they proffer solutions to their client’s problems. Their services include; 24hour towing services, pre-purchase inspection, roadside assistance, auto computer repair, battery repairs & recycling, engine service & repair, tire change & recycling, auto body repair, and so many more.

Certifications: AAA, Better Business Bureau, Automotive Service Excellence, Automotive Transmission Rebuilders Association.

Service Categories

Towing, truck service & repairs, automobile consultants, automobile inspection station, automobile air conditioning equipment, general merchandise, etc.

Method of Payment

Mastercard, Discover, Debit, Amex, Visa.

Phone: 773-825-5677

Address: 2442 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 0647


Patterson’s Circle R Towing & Recovery

Patterson’s Circle R Towing & Recovery, a cheap tow truck company, has been rendering affordable services to Chicago people for the past 40years. Their clients rely on the company because of the professional services rendered by its staff members. Hence, they have one of the fastest 24hours towing services in the Chicago area. Their services include; jump starts, tire changes, and used sales. Do call them today as you work with their dedicated staff.

Certifications: BBB rating A+ 

Service Categories

Tow service, Lockout to Vehicles, Accident Recovery, Delivery cars.

Method of Payment

Master Card, Visa, Amex, Cash, Debit, Discover

Phone: 773 785-2600

Address; 10106 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60628

Tranz Works Transmission Specialists

Tranz Works Transmission Specialists have the best-advanced equipment to check vehicles accurately to identify the problem. Tranz Works Transmission Specialists has provided the city of Chicago with trusted auto and transmission services with workers having several years of experience. An outstanding fact about this company is that it provides complimentary towing and delivery services, which makes them different from others. The objective of this company is to earn the client’s trust, and they work diligently to do just that.

Certifications: BBB rating A+

Service Categories

Towing, auto engine rebuilding, repair & service, engine rebuild & exchange, new car deals.

Method of Payment

Amex, Cash, Visa, Discover, Mastercard.

Phone: 872 253-9213

Address: 7829 S Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60652


Chicago Private Towing Company

Chicago Private Towing Company focuses on providing Chicago and its environment with 24-hour emergency towing and roadside assistance. This company and its experienced technicians render good services using the proper protocol. Since towing is their major, they provide outstanding services. You can count on them!

Service Category


Method of Payment

Debit, Insurance, and All Major Credit Cards.

Phone: 773 406-9486

Address: 5315 W Devon Avenue, Chicago, IL 60646


Rusty’s Towing Inc.

Rusty’s Towing Inc. mainly provides complete towing and roadside assistance using certified staff members. It aims at giving Chicago and its environment the best and most guaranteed services. This company functions 24-hour, having a better relationship with clients. Rusty’s Towing Inc. renders services on; truck towing, battery charging, tire repair, abandoned vehicle recovery,

Service Categories

Towing, Automobile Salvage, Automatic Roadside Service.

Method of Payment

JCB, Discover, Visa, Mastercard

Phone: 773 627-6582

Address: 3035 W Columbus Ave, Chicago, IL 60652


C & D Towing, Inc.

C & D Towing, Inchas high regard for customers as they render outstanding roadside assistance services to their clients. This company functions 24-hour provides repair centers and car lock services and makes traveling safe with their services. Using flatbed and wheel lift towing trucks makes them different from others.

Certifications: BBB rating A+

Service Categories


Method of Payment

Amex, Cash, Discover, Visa, Mastercard.

Phone: 773 777-5770

Address: 6912 N Dowagiac Ave, Chicago, IL 60646


K & P Towing and Recovery Inc.

K & P Towing and Recovery Inc. is a company owned locally and serves the residents of Chicago in rendering towing services, auto collision needs, long-distance hauling of motorcycles, tire changes, and vehicle lockout. These services are rendered promptly 24/7 with qualified personnel.

Service Category


Method of Payment

Cash, Amex, Visa.

Phone: 773 742-4475

Address: 4220 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60651


Corporate Towing Inc.

Corporate Towing Inc. has well experience workers that provide prompt, reliable, professional services to its customers with well-maintained and efficient equipment.

So far, they have a 24-hour emergency towing service.

Service Category


Method of Payment

Amex, Master cards, Visa.

Phone: 312 479-4290

Address: Chicago, IL 60639


Rite Hook Towing & Recovery Inc.

Rite Hook Towing & Inc. provide professional towing services, roadside assistance, towing lockouts, light-duty towing, petrol delivery, tire repair, jump starts, and many more through their diligent, hard-working staff members. They offer paramount 24hour services and have this slogan,” DON’T BE THE SAME BE BETTER THAN BEFORE.”

Service Categories

Towing, automotive roadside service, lock services, winching.

Method of Payment

Cash, Master Card, Visa.

Phone: 872 305-0712


C & W Auto Body

C & W Auto Body renders services on vehicle towing, automobile body repair & painting, wheel alignment, and automotive axle servicing. This company has rendered beneficial and efficient services to the people of Chicago.

Certifications: BBB rating A+

Service Categories

Towing, automobile body repairing & painting.

Method of Payment 

Debit, Cheque

Phone: 773529-6600

Address: 2626 N Clybourne Ave, Chicago, IL 60614


Chicago Planet Towing

Chicago Planet Towing operates 24/7, with high-level professional technicians ready to render effective services to their clients. Chicago Planet Towing Company is one of the best in Chicago for towing vehicles with the use of a flatbed truck which is the best and rendering other automobile services.

This company is efficient and effective enough to be there at your service when other companies fail. Chicago Planet Towing is a super towing company indeed!

Certifications: BBB rating A+

Service Categories

Towing, Auto Wrecker Service, Service Establishment

Method of Payment

Discover, Visa, Mastercard, Amex.

Phone: 773 617-2597

Address: 3907 N Richmond St, Chicago, IL 60618


AWP Towing & Recovery LLC

AWP Towing & Recovery LLC offers the Chicago people top-notch services on towing, roadside assistance, tire change, lockouts, junk car buying, and light-duty towing with high-class technicians willing to render their services efficiently. Hence, the company is fast, friendly, and reliable.

Certifications: BBB rating A+

Service Categories

Towing, light-duty towing, motorcycle towing, local hauling, petrol delivery.

Method of Payment

Mastercard, Visa, Amex.

Phone: 773 664-3622

Address: 9634 South Avenue M, Chicago, Illinois 60645

Website: www.awptowing.com

A-OK Auto Body Inc.

A-OK Auto Body Inc. is a top-quality company in towing, auto repair, and maintenance of your vehicle integral part of business and daily life. With the best technicians in town, this company will be at your service, having advanced equipment to carry out any vehicle diagnosis to ensure the best service in the city.

Certifications: BBB rating A+.

Service Categories

Tow Service, wheel alignment.

Method of Payment

Master Card, Visa, Amex, All Major Credit Cards

Phone; 773 581-7979

Address: 5805 S. Archer Ave Chicago, IL 60638


B & L Automotive Repairs, Inc.

B & L Automotive Repairs, Inc. works on all vehicle models. It tows, repairs, frames, welds, and provides other automobile services with technicians to ensure efficient and practical assistance. So far, this company is different because it renders high-quality service, towing, and repairs.

Certifications: BBB rating A+

Service Categories

Towing, wheel aligning & balancing, dent removal, windshield repairs

Method of Payment


Phone; 773 463-1622

Address: 3830 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60618


Wheels of Chicago

Wheels of Chicago has served friends and neighbors for over 30years. The company aims to satisfy the needs of its customers using the most appropriate protocol, skillful workers, and more affordable price services, unlike other companies whose price service is higher.

Certifications: BBB rating A+

Service Categories

Towing, used car dealers, auto repair & service, automobile body repairs & painting.

Method of Payment

Master Card

Phone; 773 262-7500

Address: 6229 N Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60659



What is the most common tow truck?

The most common tow truck is the flatbed, also known as the rollback tow truck.

What makes a good tow truck?

Explicitly, six factors make a good tow truck, and they are;

Transmission, towing package, drive system, chassis design, curb system, and wheelbase. So far, any tow truck lacking in one or two of these factors is not a good tow truck.

Which is better, flatbed or wheel lift?

Of course, the flatbed tow truck is better because it provides security and protection for vehicles on the bed than the wheel lift tow trucks.

Do you tow motorcycles?

Yes, you can tow motorcycles if they break down along the roadside for one reason or another.

Dark Angel Towing company provides this motorcycle service.

How much do tow trucks cost in Chicago?

The average cost of tow service in Chicago is about $800 to $1000, including towing charges and storage charges.

Which Is The Best Truck for Towing? 

The best towing truck, after intensive research, is the Ford Maverick.


No matter how badly your car has become, whether flat tire, accident, running out of petrol or any other problem. The tow truck service can put it back on track in a short time, only if you contact the necessary agencies or companies. I recommended it to you earlier.

Notably, the reputation of these companies listed above speaks wonders as they are equipped with the right workers to provide outstanding and magnificent services. It is of interest to note that not all provide 24/7 services. Profoundly, I hope this post was of great help to you!

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