Riding Your Bike to Office Every Day? 8 Tips for Safe Riding in Heavy Traffic

Most bikers find it challenging to navigate traffic on their bicycle. Unfortunately, those who commute by bike, especially in India, can quickly find themselves in dire situations due to a lack of responsibility among many drivers. Here are some tips for dealing with heavy traffic while riding your bicycle.

Riding Your Bike to Office Every Day? 8 Tips for Safe Riding in Heavy Traffic

Riding Your Bike to Office Every Day? 8 Tips for Safe Riding in Heavy Traffic

1) Keep Your Mind, Body and Machine in Balance

Maintain control of your mind, body and machine by checking in regularly.

Before riding your motorcycle on public roads, there are a few things you should do. First and foremost, ensure that you are stress-free as you will have to judge the road multiple times during the journey. Also make sure you have appropriate gear like a jacket and helmet ready. Check brakes and tyre pressures before getting in your bike so as not to get into any trouble down the middle of the road.

2) Ride Smoothly

If you commute daily by bicycle to work, it is not wise to become an adrenaline junkie. Be responsible and balance your bike with all of your body weight in order not to strain back or leg muscles. Aligning yourself with the shape of the bike helps ensure a secure posture when pedaling it.

Be alert to the movements of bikers both ahead and behind you, using your rearview mirror as a useful tool in heavy traffic scenarios. Furthermore, be aware of other heavy vehicles nearby so that you can quickly switch lanes when needed.

4) Time-Saving Brakes

One of the most essential skills for riding is knowing how to properly use brakes. Place your feet on the rear brake and keep your fingers close to the lever so that you can apply brakes quickly if necessary.

Biker enthusiasts love to race, but it is best to keep your speed below the speed limit in bad weather conditions and merge with traffic when necessary.

6) Double Check Directions

Be cautious when riding your bicycle even if the road ahead appears clear and smooth. It is impossible to predict when a dangerous vehicle, animal, or object might appear, so always double-check your directions. Instead of turning your head several times, use rearview mirrors for reference instead.

7) Control Urge to Move Faster in Slow Traffic

Don’t get frustrated by slow traffic. Just go with it and flow with it, even if it seems to move slower. After taking into account all potential scenarios, your brain will eventually discover an escape route. Your eyes and mind will learn to recognize when it’s time to change lanes; move slowly and follow along with traffic flow.

8) Be mindful of blind spots:

Anticipate where these may appear before making a turn or changing lanes.
Blind spots are unfortunately common on roads, particularly during heavy traffic. To save time and effort, try not to rush towards them.

Riding a bike offers you many opportunities, but you must first take care of your machine, understand road rules and learn how to ride safely in heavy traffic. Comprehensive Bike Insurance can protect both you and your bicycle by protecting both.

Comprehensive bike insurance is essential if you want to safeguard yourself against accidents when riding in heavy traffic. Comprehensive bike insurance covers theft, fire, lightning damage and other damages to your bike while covering personal injury that occurs as a result of such collisions through its personal accident benefit.

Comprehensive insurance is the best choice for your motorcycle. After assessing your needs and comparing available two-wheeler insurance policies, you can purchase online with ease.

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