Right Oil Temperature For Frying; How To Heat Oil To 350 Without A Thermometer

For frying to be successful, you will need the right Oil temperature for frying in order to get the desired result, and that is why this post discusses the how-to heat oil for frying and the Right Oil Temperature For Frying. Unfortunately, most people cannot tell when the oil temperature is below average, leading to the sogginess of the chicken or above the average of 350, which causes the chicken to burn.

Most chefs and cooking pros can tell whether or not the oil was properly heated by simply tasting the food. Except, of course, you won’t be feeding them food you cooked for humans; you need to show a certain skill level by knowing the right temperature for heating oil, whether for cooking or frying.

This article is set to guide you on knowing the right temperature for the frying and all the relevant details you need to know about heating oil.

How To Heat Oil For Frying?

Have you ever had fried chicken that dripped oil? Or eaten a burnt chicken on the outside and almost raw on the inside?  It’s probably a result of late timing when heating the oil. To heat oil for frying, the steps are very easy.

To know how long to heat oil for frying, you should note the that:

  • The first step is to set your stove burner to medium heat. Modern burners come with this setting on their stoves; this is also the right heat temperature to get your oil heated without overheating.
  • Set your pot/ fry pan on the stove burner and pour oil into it.
  • Allow the oil to heat for 5-10 minutes.
  • Use a thermometer to check the desired degree of heat.

How To Heat Oil To 350 Without A Thermometer?

It is easy to know if the oil has been heated when using a thermometer, but can you tell the degree of heat the oil has reached? Check out the ways to heat oil to 350 degrees without using a thermometer by carrying out these tests;

  • Water test: the water test involves you dropping two or three droplets of water into the oil. However, this should be done carefully because it will injure your skin if the oil touches you due to your actions. This method is, however, not the safest.
  • Popcorn test: the popcorn test is simply getting a kernel and dropping it in the heated oil. Once the popcorn pops, it signifies that the oil has reached a degree of 325- 350 F.
  • Wooden spoon: the wooden spoon test is done by putting the end of a wooden spoon in the heated oil. Look carefully; you will notice some bubbles forming at the tip of the spoon while in the oil.

After which, the bubbles begin to float and come up to the surface. Also, note that an indicator the oil has passed 350 F or has become too hot is that the bubbles at the tip of the wooden spoon become aggressive.

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How Long Does Oil Take To Heat Up?

Generally, oil doesn’t take the entire day to heat up. Are you looking for a way to get the right temperature of heat for your oil? With the right degree of heat (electric stove set to medium heat), you cannot go wrong on this one.

Oil takes a minimum of 5 to ten minutes to heat up. However, it would help if you did not let it begin smoking as it shows that it is already overheated in the same vein, it should not be under heated.

Oil Temperature For Frying Chicken?

The right temperature for oil to fry chicken is when the oil temperature rises. Set the stove to medium and allow the oil to get to 350F (175 C) to 375 F because this is the average oil temperature it takes to fry a chicken.

The chicken in this setting would fry depending on the type of chicken and the cook’s choice. For example, chicken wings will fry at a temperature of 375F for 8- 10 minutes maximum.

Crispy fried chicken will fry at the temperature of 375 for about 12 – 15 minutes churros at the temperature of 375 F for a period of 2- 4 minutes, chicken tenders and chicken strips will fry at a degree of 350F for 3- 5 minutes maximum.

A thermometer or deep fryer will come in handy for determining oil temperature

How To Control Oil Temperature When Frying?

The oil temperature is usually determined by the heat underneath. Therefore, the stove/ burner should be set to medium. Most modern ovens, deep fryers, and electric stoves come with their unique settings for the temperature of food required.

If you are using manual and regular kitchen equipment, you have to be very observant of the changes in the temperature of the oil. This is because the change in oil temperature will always reflect on the outcome of the food placed in the oil.

To control oil temperature when frying, make sure the oil does not slightly smoke as smoking is an indicator of overheating and could ruin the food. Instead, use a deep fryer thermometer and maintain a temperature range of about 250-325F.

How Long To Heat Oil For Frying?

Making a mess out of the food being cooked will result from not knowing how long it will take to heat oil for frying food. The ideal length of time for heating oil is usually 5-10 minutes. Anything longer than that may result in damaged food.


The condition and type of the oil used to make all the difference in the taste of food. For example, burnt oil has some residues that give the food a taste different from the original.

When this happens, change the oil to get the original taste and smell of the food prepared. Knowing the right temperature for frying and using the timing is essential for success in any cooking.

To master the right temperature for frying foods, you will need a great deal of patience and practice. Read this article also Best Heaters for Overnight

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