All on lamborghini svj (Lamborghini Aventador SVJ)

All on lamborghini svj (Lamborghini Aventador SVJ) Real Emotions that Shapes the Future Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
The future of the lamborghini svj is uncertain. It’s a journey and an adventure. This is an opportunity for greatness!

Lamborghini svj is not afraid to take on new challenges. That is why they created the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Coupe; to combine cutting-edge technology and stunning design without making compromises.

It’s easy to lose touch with one’s emotions in today’s technologically driven world, but the future we are creating won’t let that happen. After all, behind every wheel there will always be someone caring.

All on lamborghini svj (Lamborghini Aventador SVJ)

Experience the future through real emotions with the Aventador SVJ Coupe.


Lamborghini driving experience: an incredible blend of outstanding performance, advanced technology and flawless aerodynamics.

But there is another element that must be included for us to truly grasp our future: emotions.

The new 770CV naturally-aspirated V12 motor offers exceptional dynamics and performance in combination with exquisite aesthetics. Precious materials create a harmonious harmony with the car’s ultra-lightweight body.

Imagine a future where uncompromising aesthetic perfection is combined with unparalleled performance and exhilarating aerodynamics.


The Aventador SVJ Coupe is an impressive showcase of ultra-lightweight materials tailored for maximum performance.

This ultralight carbon fibre chassis is equipped with aerodynamic profiles, larger side skirts and an even more angular rear wing. Additionally, it boasts new front and rear bumpers as well as larger exhaust outlets for optimal performance and lightness. Performance is never compromised here!

The Lamborghini SVJ 63 Special Edition is easily identified by its distinctive colour and trim, which highlight the high proportion of carbon fiber used in its design. This limited edition of 63 vehicles was created to celebrate Lamborghini’s founding year of 1963 and honor its designers.

Experience the Aventador-SVJ 63 through this gallery of images.


Carbon fiber’s technological appearance – seen in the monocoque that forms the cockpit and repeated in doors, seats and central tunnel – blends harmoniously with an interior design inspired by aeronautical flight. Leather and Alcantara(r) upholstery provide a boldly unique touch to these luxurious interiors.

This masterpiece of engineering features exquisite cross-stitching details and an SVJ inner plate for a truly exceptional appearance.


Lamborghini cars are masterpieces of engineering and technology, and the Aventador SVJ Coupe is no exception. As the first Lamborghini to utilize all of today’s leading technologies, this vehicle sets itself apart from other Lamborghinis. Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (LDS) and Rear-Wheel Steering (LRS) provide control of vehicle dynamics through active torque distribution between front and rear axles (4WD), along with aero torque vectoring. Lamborghini Magnetorheological Suspension (LMS) controls vertical vehicle dynamics with active aerodynamics and Lamborghini Magnetorheological Suspension (LMS). Four-wheel drive system (4WD), integrated traction control, and new operative logics from ABS provide key longitudinal control. LDVA 2.0 system integrates all information from car’s inertial platforms and finds optimal settings for every driving situation, providing flawless performance, absolute safety, and impressive results.


Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva2.0 For the Aventador SVJ, Lamborghini has enhanced their patented Aerodynamic Laminar Airflow (ALA) system with new optimized air inlet designs and aero channels. They took into account enhanced vehicle lateral accelerations when calibrating this system; ultimately resulting in high downforce and low drag depending on prevailing conditions. Electronically-actuated motors open or close active flaps at front splitter and engine bonnet to steer air-flow both frontally and rearward.


The Aventador SVJ’s advanced combination of active steering (Lamborghini Dynamics Steering) and rear-wheel steering (Lamborghini-Rear-wheel Steering), provides top-of-the-line dynamic performance. LDS adjusts according to speed and driving mode, switching between direct steering and indirect modes. Meanwhile, LRS manages rear axle via two electromechanical actuators which allows the back axle to steer opposite to front axle at low speeds for greater agility when turning corners; instead at higher speeds both axles turn in parallel for greater control and stability.


The Aventador SVJ boasts magneto-rheological front shock absorbers and rear shock absorbers with pushrod system for customized suspension settings that take into account road conditions and driving mode. This system works together with Rear Wheel Steering to compensate for vehicle roll or other undesirable movements while optimizing efficiency and downforce while creating an aerodynamic flow between ground and vehicle.


The new Aventador SVJ’s four-wheel drive system was engineered to work seamlessly with all active systems. Rear-wheel steering adds stability by distributing torque mainly to the back wheels. This provides a sportier and more thrilling driving experience without compromising safety or ease. The four-wheel drive system works together with other active systems in the car to deliver exceptional performance and unparalleled driving pleasure under any condition. Based on driving conditions, grip and the chosen mode, torque distribution between rear and front axles changes dynamically. Aventador SVJ offers customers the choice of Pirelli PZero Corsa tires – designed to enhance the car’s innovative systems while offering superior driving dynamics.


The Aventador SVJ offers you complete control of your vehicle regardless of driving conditions. Choose from STRADA, CORSA or EGO MODE; or customize engine, transmission, steering and suspension settings for the ultimate driving experience. EGO mode maximizes performance in all conditions by separating longitudinal, vertical and lateral dynamics. This option ensures optimal handling at all times.


Aventador SVJ’s powerful V12 engine stands out due to its stunning design and cutting-edge technology. Aventador SVJ offers 770 CV at 8,500 rpms, enabling it to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds – truly remarkable in the automotive world! This engine is unlike any other.

Nominally, its size ranges from 50cm to 110 cm in diameter. With such a variety of equipment and personnel available, the installation was an effortless success, leaving all that remains to be done for its next owner.


The ISR (Independent Shifting Rods), transmission provides fast and thrilling gear changes. It was designed as an automated system capable of creating unique driving experiences. Two key advantages of the ISR gearbox include its lightness and small size compared to manual ones; making it perfect for creating super-sport cars.


The Aventador SVJ’s remarkable driving precision can be attributed to its use of carbon fiber and derivatives in its monocoque. This lightweight structure offers remarkable weight savings while still retaining unparalleled rigidity.

Technical Specifications

Engine type // V12
Maximum power // 770 HP @ 8.500 RPM
Maximum torque // 531 lb.ft of torque @ 6,750 MPM
Performance Top speed // 218 mph
Acceleration 0-62 mph // 2.8
Transmission Type // 4WD with Haldex IV generation

7-speed ISR with shifting characteristics tailored to drive select mode

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Press Release
Limited to 900 units
Nurburgring-Nordschleife lap record for production cars: 6:44.97 minutes
New design features focus on aerodynamic performance
V12 naturally-aspirated engine with 770 horsepower, four-wheel drive and steering for technical supremacy
Best handling performance
0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds; top speed over 350km/h.

Sant’Agata Bolognese/Monterey, CA – August 23 rd 2018 – Automobili Lamborghini unveils the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ at Monterey Car Week during California’s “The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering.” The Aventador SVJ features stunning design and cutting-edge technologies that enhance driving pleasure – revolutionizing what a supersport car should be like.

The new Aventador SVJ, where SV stands for Superveloce (meaning’superfast’), adds the ‘Jota’ suffix to demonstrate its track and performance superiority: already setting a Nurburgring-Nordschleife production car record by completing the 20.6 km lap in 6:44.97 minutes. Production is limited to just 900 units worldwide.

At the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Concours d’Elegance, Lamborghini unveils their special edition “SVJ 63,” a nod to their founding year of 1963.

Stefano Domenicali, Automobili Lamborghini Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, declared the Aventador SVJ a landmark car that marked an exciting new chapter in their supersports car range. “Lamborghini engineers and designers had to enhance the supercar’s essence by drawing inspiration from spaceships to fighter jets – all examples of fast aerodynamic superiority,” they said. “The Aventador SVJ marks an exciting leap into the future, shaping possibilities for super sports car development.”

Performance improvements across all areas.

The Aventador SVJ’s Nurburgring-Nordschleife lap record is proof of its performance. Powered by an optimized V12 engine, the SVJ is the most powerful series-production Lamborghini car ever, boasting 770 hp (566 kW) at 8,500 rpm and producing 720 Nm of torque at 6,750 rpm. At only 1,525 kg dry weight, its weight-to-power ratio is 1.98 kg/hp; this allows it to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and from 200 km/h in 8.6 seconds before hitting 200 km/h in 8.6 seconds. Furthermore, with speeds over 350 km/h it has reached speeds of over 200 km/h in 30 metres while stopping distances from 100 km/h to zero are made possible within 30 metres!

However, the Aventador SVJ goes far beyond being a sports car that achieves top results. Its design philosophy and essence, from aerodynamic technologies and efficiency to weight-power and performance, were all designed with one goal in mind: make this car ideal for demanding drivers.

The Aventador SVJ: Engineered for Aerodynamic Excellence

The Aventador SVJ’s aerodynamic prowess is evident in every feature. Its appearance is noticeably improved over the Aventador S, its ‘form follows functionality’ design reminding us that innovation is our goal on track and road; to be the best. Design was focused on significantly increasing downforce compared to the Aventador S: +40% on both axles with a lower drag coefficient of -1%.

The car’s front is wider, featuring a new bumper with integrated side fins and intake. Additionally, Lamborghini Attiva Aerodinamica technologies have been added for added aerodynamic efficiency.

Though the front splitter is disconnected, it creates the illusion of a floating part and provides airflow channels. The tri-dimensional air outlet directs airflow for increased drag and downforce – an outcome which accurately reflects the aerodynamic purpose behind SVJs. Thanks to their aerodynamic optimization, SVJs now boast a 70% increase in downforce!

The SVJ’s rocker takes inspiration from Lamborghini cars’ “Y” theme and mimics jet fighter shapes. New front fins and larger side air intakes improve cooling while reducing drag. An underbody aero design featuring vortex generators is combined with front diffusers. Meanwhile, the rear diffuser features an extreme design along with divergent fins for 30% greater downforce.

The SVJ’s rear wing has been engineered for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. It features a new foil, optimized ALA2.0 system and side winglets that reduce turbulence while providing high downforce in straights as well as fast corners.

The position of the naked exhaust on this motorbike is similar to that found on extreme motorcycles, saving weight by being close to the engine and thus less bulky. Furthermore, an Omega-shape rear bumper features a large diffuser which contributes to downforce while adding height with its integrated LED lighting system made entirely out of carbon fiber.

The Lamborghini SVJ features a new rear engine bonnet made of lightweight carbon fiber which can be removed with quick release clips for motor racing enthusiasts. It features the “Y” theme, honoring motor racing history while accentuating the car’s high-performance characteristics. To further increase dynamism and weight savings, this superlight model comes with super lightweight ‘Nireo’ aluminum rims. You also have the option to choose “Leirion” aluminum rims featuring hexagonal patterns or “Y” details, while Lamborghini pays homage to Italy with Italian flag details on its side wings.

Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva 2.0

Lamborghini’s patented ALA technology was first implemented on the Huracan Performante and has now been enhanced for the Aventador SVJ with ALA 2.0, featuring optimized air inlets, aero channels, and improved inlets. Furthermore, Lamborghini took into account increased vehicle lateral accelerations when calibrating this system to match.

The ALA system dynamically adjusts aero load to optimize downforce and drag depending on conditions. Electronically-actuated motors open or close active flaps in the front splitter and engine bonnet that direct airflow front and rearward.

Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Attiva2.0 (LDVA 2.0), featuring improved inertial sensors to control all electronic systems of the car, activates its Aerodynamic Latching System (ALA) flaps within 500ms to guarantee optimal aerodynamic setup under any driving condition. When off, these active flaps close, creating high downforce for cornering and full brake applications; when activated by ALA, front flaps open to reduce air pressure on spoiler; air flow is directed through an inner channel and specially-shaped vortex generators under the car to reduce drag and optimize acceleration and top speed.

When ALA is removed, the rear flaps can be closed to create a fixed wing effect and maximize vertical downforce for increased stability in full braking and high speed cornering. To reduce drag at high speeds, engine bonnet flaps may need to be opened when ALA is active.

Aero vectoring is enabled for high speed cornering due to the split inner air channel of the rear wing, which allows ALA (Air Lock System) to switch on either in the right or left wing depending on which direction you turn in. This increases downforce and traction while counteracting load transfer during rolling conditions – optimizing chassis momentum and requiring lower steering angles which improve dynamic stability. SVJ’s aero vectoring technology has been enhanced by 30% for increased aero-loading effects on inner wheels.

Engineering Technology

A titanium intake valve is combined with a longer intake runner and modified intake head duct to increase flow coefficient. The car’s improved performance has been made possible through its lightweight exhaust system, which reduces backpressure while producing an enchanting sound.

The Aventador SVJ’s vertical and lateral dynamics were completely re-engineered using LDVA 2.0. Algorithms have been fully integrated into ALA 2.0 to take account of the enormous downforce generated, optimizing performance through substantial R&D investment as well as collaboration with CFD department.

The SVJ has been upgraded with reworked suspension to provide increased mechanical and aerodynamic grip. Anti-roll bar stiffness was increased by 50% compared to the Aventador SV, compensating for roll and improving aero efficiency. Furthermore, Lamborghini’s Magneto Rheological Suspension has been calibrated to enhance wheel and body control with an emphasis on track performance.

Rear-wheel steering (LRS), part of the Aventador SVJ, maximizes aero loads in any environment. It provides exceptional stability at high speeds and improves agility during corners, helping to boost average speed across a variety of dynamic situations.

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ’s steering was engineered to provide optimal feedback when racing and on high-performance tracks. To enhance precision and provide natural feedback, Lamborghini Dynamic Steering has been rebalanced to take into account aero load and tires for improved handling characteristics.

Lamborghini SVJ’s four wheel drive system has been improved to maximize traction, agility and stability. Furthermore, an additional 3% torque can be sent back to the rear axle when compared with its smaller sibling model (SV). Rear-wheel steering was designed for improved control in high speed cornering situations while ESC has been tuned specifically for better cornering performance and driver experience in extreme handling conditions. ABS has also been specially tuned to take advantage of the increased grip provided by tires while improving grip levels overall.

The Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires were engineered specifically to meet Lamborghini’s SVJ performance needs. These tires offer increased vertical stiffness to support greater downforce and enhanced grip levels to enhance vehicle performance. Their unique tread design optimizes grip on the road or track surfaces; track-specific Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires are also available.

The Car of the Driver

The Aventador SVJ, a driver-focused vehicle, was engineered to maximize interaction between driver and vehicle in extreme conditions while providing an enjoyable driving experience.

The cockpit offers three modes of Lamborghini driving: Strada Sport, Corsa and EGO, enabling drivers to customize their car setup further. Furthermore, Kombi graphics can be seen on the digital TFT dashboard display.

Optionally, the Navigation System and Infotainment System with AppleCarPlay are free. This provides cockpit occupants with voice-activated communications as well as entertainment through personal Apple devices.

Optional specification: The Lamborghini Telemetry System records lap times, track performance, and trip data for ultimate tracking accuracy. This option appeals to owners who want their car to go faster on track.

lamborghini svj offers its Ad Personam customization program, allowing customers to design the interior of their Aventador SVJ to virtually any specification they desire.

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ’s price and delivery to the market.

At the start of 2019, customers will be able to take delivery of the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Suggested retail prices for this model are as follows:

USA: USD 517,770.00 (Including GST)

Europe: EUR 349.0060.00 (Taxes not Included);
UK: GBP 291,667.00 (Taxes are Excluded).
China: RMB 7,559 285 USD (Taxes are Included).
Japan: YEN 51.548,373.00 (Taxes are Excluded).

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