How To Clean Catalytic Converter Without Removing

A catalytic converter is a component that fits into the front part of the exhaust system of any vehicle to minimize the emission of gaseous pollutants such as VOCs, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides. Cat converters are compact, durable, and reliable.

As you know, car engines either run on diesel or gasoline, both of which are made from petroleum. Even so, petroleum is comprised of hydrocarbons. Whenever hydrocarbon fuel is burned with oxygen from the air, it will release a great deal of energy. This happens because gasoline contains about 150 different chemicals, which together produce more than just power.

Remember that the pollution that’s been created by burning gasoline creates VOCs, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides, which come together to form smog and haze. These things can harm the environment and reduce the quality of life for everyone in such areas. Related Post How to Unclog Catalytic Converter Hammer

Is Cleaning the Catalytic Converter Worth It?

Yes. Because most cleaning agents contain solvents and specially formulated chemicals that can remove dirt and deposits in catalytic converters with a single application. Here are reasons why catalytic converter cleaners are needed:

  • Reduce engine smells:

Due to long usage, an engine’s catalytic converter can begin to smell like rotten eggs. This smell isn’t pleasant, but it’s easily remedied with a catalytic cleaner.

  • Protect your engine:

You should always check your engine regularly. This means that cleaning the catalytic converter will ensure that the engine is receiving an accurate fuel supply and healthy exhaust gas flow. When this happens, the engine will run smoothly, cleanly, and with minimal maintenance.

  • Clean pass emission on tests:

When you do yearly emissions tests, it will ensure you pass an emission test every year, and a catalytic converter cleaning treatment can help. Products like Cataclean can help you clean out all the dirt, grime, and carbon from your engine and exhaust system.

  • Reduce emission levels

Catalytic converters can be part of extremely complex car exhaust systems. So if you don’t keep it clean, it won’t work to its full potential. When you regularly clean it up, it means it can run at 100%.

  • Save cash:

Note that regular cleaning can improve your car’s MPG and then prolong the life of the cat converter, which can cost hundreds of dollars to replace once damaged.

 Can a clogged catalytic converter be cleaned?

Because an oil leak, a burned engine, or high oil consumption can cause increased carbon deposits. So many drivers are asking if they can clean clogged catalytic converters instead of replacing them since they are expensive to replace.

Yes, Catalytic converters can be cleaned via different methods. But whenever a cat converter loses parts inside or gets clogged, most mechanics normally tend to change them instead of cleaning them. So if you want to solve this issue, changing the cat converter is what you should do.

 Where Can I Get My Catalytic Converter Cleaned In The US?

Since you make use of your vehicle regularly, there’s a possibility that it could accumulate carbon deposits all throughout the engine and exhaust system. Make sure you regularly clean it. So, if you’re wondering where to clean your cat converter in the United States, here are the best places to go.


You can give your engine a thorough cleaning by using the cutting-edge decarbonizing station available at

 They have a technician that can remove almost every carbon build-up in your cat converter and your engine, which can be done in less than 30 minutes.

This company has a remarkable cleaning machine capacity that can clean your cat. This is because they have an advanced technology that was developed over several years of work. This machine can burn off more than 75% of the carbon deposits in your cat converter that prevent your engine from running perfectly.


The Rislone Company happens to be the original premium automotive chemical company that was established in 1921. This company has gained popularity over the years in the international market with over a century of innovative experience and millions of loyal customers. 

They have continued to evolve with the industry’s automotive technological changes so they can work on the most complete line of products for the automotive market. 

They have a machine that can take off up to 80% of the carbon found in your cat converter so that your engine can have peak performance. Visit

 What Is The Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner On The Market?

There’s a need for the best catalytic converter cleaners if you want to ensure the flawless functionality of your vehicle’s converter. As a result, the best catalytic converter cleaner available on the market is:

  1. The Solder-It Catalytic Converter Cleaner

This is a fuel additive that can help to scrub and clean the inside of your catalytic converter by removing all the deposits that prevent the cat from working perfectly. When this solution is used as directed, it can clean your oxygen sensors, ensuring that they’re reading perfectly. Note that you can pour this directly into a running engine’s carburetor, especially in older vehicles. This will allow it to work even better and faster than it would when diluted in a fuel tank.

Features of the Product:

  • It helps stop the rotten egg smell.
  • It helps to clean up oxygen sensors.
  • It works well with all catalyst types.


  • When you use this cleaner regularly, it will ensure the maximum efficiency of your fuel system.
  • It is TUV verified.
  • It is very effective for all types of petrol and diesel vehicles.


It’s very small in size.

These catalytic converter cleaning solutions work by taking off all the build-up of carbon in the engine exhaust system. When they are used as regular cleaning maintenance, they can help prolong the catalytic converter lifespan.

But everything has a limit. So if it was heavy carbon deposits that made the converter fail, then cleaning can’t undo it. 

Heat can be an extreme condition that can permanently damage the cat converter. Though cleaners are great, they don’t work like miracles, and they can’t undo serious damage that has already been done.

 Can a mechanic clean a catalytic converter?

Yes, a mechanic can clean your cat converter. However, cleaning a catalytic converter isn’t recommended by car manufacturers. This is because there’s a possibility that it could damage the internal catalyst, rendering it useless. If you want a permanent solution, get a professional mechanic to replace the catalytic converter for you.

Can You Remove and Clean a Catalytic Converter? 

Yes, you can remove and clean your cat converter. But first, you have to determine if it is damaged. After you must have checked that it’s not damaged, the next step would be to take it off and clean it manually. The best way to clean it is by using water and lacquer thinner. 

Below are some of the things that are required to clean your catalytic converter:

  • An oxygen sensor wrench is
  • Car and truck jack stands
  • An automotive floor jack
  • A wrench with different socket sizes

 Is There A Way To Clean The Catalytic Converter Without Removing It? 

While you make use of your car daily, the cat converters will gradually be filled with carbon deposits and will become less and less capable of functioning well. If you fail to address this issue early enough, it will lower your efficiency. Yes, there are ways to clean the catalytic converter without removing it.

There are various cleaning products available on the market that can be used to clean the cat converter without removing it. They can clean the various components of the fuel delivery and combustion systems, which includes the catalytic converter, without the need to remove them.

Just get an additive cleaner like Solder-It Catalytic Converter Cleaner or Cataclean. They will help to remove every carbon deposit. Here are the steps needed:

  • Get some catalytic converter cleaner and get some fuel. Get some fuel in a can and buy Solder-It Catalytic Converter Cleaner, Cataclean, or any cleaner that’s compatible with your vehicle. But note that there are cleaners that only work with diesel or gasoline engines, and others that work with both.
  • Have the cleaner poured into your fuel tank. The instructions regarding the required quantity to pour into your fuel tank and how much fuel you should have in the vehicle can be found on the product’s label.
  • Take a drive. Once you have added the solution, start your engine and drive the car for a while. When you drive the car, it will circulate the cat cleaner to clean your exhaust system. How long it is needed to drive for the best results will be stated on the cleaner’s label.

 How To Clean A Catalytic Converter Without Removing

If you want to clean a catalytic converter without removing it, just follow these few steps to get it done:

 Step 1: Get a bottle of Solder-It Catalytic Converter Cleaner.

One of the easiest methods of cleaning a cat converter without removing it is by making use of a cat converter cleaning product such as Solder-It Catalytic Converter Cleaner. 

With Solder-It Catalytic Converter Cleaner, it doesn’t matter if you use a petrol, diesel, or hybrid vehicle. Solder-It Catalytic Converter Cleaner will help clean your cat converter and will also clean your oxygen sensors and the whole exhaust system.

But note that this cleaning product will not repair mechanical issues inside your cat converter if it’s cracked, broken, or too clogged. This product is just a cleaner for a cat converter that is slightly clogged.

Also, remember that you can still use other brands of catalytic cleaners, but this one has worked best for me and others. 

Step 2: Place the catalytic converter cleaner in the fuel tank.

Examine your cleaner’s manual and add the exact quantity of cleaner into the fuel tank as mentioned in your manual. Make sure that you’re using the required quantity for your vehicle type and engine. This is to ensure that you’re not using too much of the product. When you use too much, it can cause even more damage to your cat converter in some cases.

Step 3. Drive your car

You need to drive your car for a while to observe if it will run better than before. Make sure you drive your car at high RPMs of more than 3000 for a long distance to make the cat converter hot so that it can burn out the clog inside it. 


A catalytic converter that’s in a well-maintained engine is supposed to last approximately 100,000 miles or more. As you may know, they can be expensive to replace. Some cat converters are priced at about $2,500 to replace. 

However, when you clean mildly clogged catalytic converters regularly, you may help extend their life. But be prepared to use commercial cleaners such as CARBON CLEANING

US and RISLONE as recommended above, or you can remove the cat converter and clean the units immersed in various solutions. 

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