How To By Pass Ignition Switch To Start Car.

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How To By Pass Ignition Switch To Start Car.

If you have an older automobile and can’t start it and think the ignition switch is broken or you’ve lost your key, you need to figure out a way to temporarily start your car without using the ignition switch. Let’s learn how to start a car without using the ignition switch.

Only vehicles with older ignition systems manufactured before 2004 can be started without the ignition switch. The mechanical switch that an ignition key turns to start a car is typically located on the steering wheel column. This mechanical switch can be disregarded in many situations to start the car.

Modern automobiles include keyless ignition, allowing you to start them without putting in a key. To make car theft more difficult, this security function was added. The ignition on these vehicles cannot be bypassed in the same way.

What Do Ignition Switches Do?

A car’s ignition switch is a necessary component. For many people, turning on their car involves inserting their key into the ignition switch.

However, in actuality, this is the ignition lock cylinder. The more complex ignition switch “decodes” anti-theft coding contained in the key before turning on the vehicle’s electrical systems.

What Does It Mean To By Pass Ignition Switch?

When your car’s ignition switch malfunctions, replacing it will be expensive, whether you choose to DIY or seek the assistance of a specialist.

As a result, many people ask about bypassing the ignition switch, which is a complex task in and of itself.

Bypassing a damaged starter switch requires more than just an owner’s manual and a keen interest in studying.

The best course of action is to either have the switch replaced or to have your car serviced by a professional.

Ignition Switch To Start Car

How To Install Ignition By Pass Switch?

The procedures for installing an ignition bypass switch are as follows:

  1.  Put the ignition off.
  2.  The ignition key should be removed.
  3.  Unplug your battery. Find a fuse in your car’s fuse box beneath the hood that you can      quickly replace with circuit breaker.                                    

Replace the old fuse with a circuit breaker by unscrewing and removing the old fuse. This circuit breaker should be connected to the hot terminal of your ignition bypass switch and the positive post of your battery on the other end. Connect all required wires to their corresponding terminals on your ignition bypass switch while the power is off. An ignition bypass switch is used as an e-backup start when you misplace your car keys or want to avoid car theft.

 How To By Pass Ignition Switch?

You might need to start your automobile occasionally without using the ignition.

Fortunately, there are several ways to do it, and this article will teach you about them.

1. Opening the Lock hole.

A screwdriver and drill is the simplest and most common way to start your car’s ignition without a key. To avoid damaging the ignition switch, you must be cautious.

This technique works when you need to deactivate the lock pins. However, the car key mechanism will sustain permanent harm.

You will need to drill the keyhole using this technique from the point where the inner flaps start. It needs to be around 2/3 of an inch long.

Next, take away the drill and lock bits. You can now attempt to start the car by inserting the head of a screwdriver.

If you don’t have a screwdriver, any key or flat piece of metal that fits could be used as a substitute to start your automobile properly.

Without a drill, you can complete this process just as easily with a hammer. Start hammering after inserting the screwdriver into the keyhole.

2. Hotwiring.

Another method for starting a car without a key is hotwiring. The Hotwiring Technique is ideal for cars made in the 1990s

This is the procedure for disabling the ignition system.

  1. You must take off the plastic cover on the steering wheel column to apply this technique.
  2. The screws connect the two sides.
  3. Please remove them first so you can reach the ignition system.
  4. Wear your insulated or protective gloves before proceeding to the next step. Identify the starter and battery cables using your eyesight.
  5. Typically, the battery wires are visible as red lines. On the other hand, the ignition is connected to the yellow and brown cables.
  6. The conclusion is to create a minor insulating incision in the battery cables. Also, cut the power cords coming from the cylinder.
  7. To connect the power wires and the battery wire end, twist them together.

 3. Red Coil Wire.

For car enthusiasts who possess the necessary technical know-how, there is the Red Coil Wire Technique. For instance, if you had the skills of a qualified technician, you could start your car without a key.

First, grab the jump starter cable by going under the hood and looking for the red coil wire. Next, join the red coil wire to the battery’s positive terminal.

The coil’s positive side is another name for the wire. It appears that some electricity has now reached the dashboard.

What Does It Meant To By Pass Ignition Switch With Toggle Switch?

By replacing the ignition switch with a toggle switch, you can establish a simple method for starting your automobile without a key.

  1. The key should first be taken out of the ignition.
  2. Behind the ignition switch, unplug the wiring harness
  3. Wire the harness plug with a wire.
  4. At the end of this wire, add a toggle switch.
  5. Reattach the harness to the ignition switch and link it to the replacement switch.
  6. Connect a second wire to the toggle switch’s opposing prong
  7. Place a spot under your dashboard where you can easily access both cables and tape them.

By Pass Switch With Push Button?

  1.    You must start the vehicle with the ignition switched to the position               
  2.  The negative battery cable was removed.
  3.    Use a test light to find powered wire in the three necessary locations.
  4.    After turning the ignition key, cut this wire.
  5. To your push button switch, join two leads. Apply solder, then electrical tape or shrinkable tubing. Check to make sure the metal contacts are not in contact. Connect your push-button

Switch metal housing to the bare metal on your car’s frame to ground it. Before replacing your dash panel, test all of your connections. Reassemble it if everything looks good, then take a break.


It would be ideal if you acknowledged how much safer the new vehicle is now that you know how to disable the ignition switch on a vehicle from a previous generation. Sadly, key fobs with internal chips that communicate particular codes to the engine, without which you cannot start the car, are still vulnerable to theft.

Despite this added protection, if the key fob or ignition system malfunctions and you end up trapped in your car and unable to start the ignition for some reason, you will likely need assistance. As a result, be sure to look after and keep your car’s fob in a secure position.

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