How Much Is A Catalytic Converter Scrap Worth ?

Catalytic converters scraps are money-spinners for many people since their materials can be sold extremely profitably anywhere.

This has prompted people to examine catalytic converters more closely, regardless of their quality, or usage. The reason behind this is that catalysts are valued for their interior components, which do not deteriorate over time.

But how much is a catalytic converter worth in scrap? It is necessary to ask this question because a catalytic converter happens to be one of the main factors that increase the cost of a catalytic converter in the market.

It normally has between 3 and 7 grams of platinum on the average level of a catalytic converter. However, the amount of platinum that is used to produce it varies depending on the model and manufacturer.

Sometimes people wonder if a catalytic converter contains gold inside. However, catalytic converters may contain precious metals, but gold isn’t among the materials used for manufacturing them.

The value of catalytic converter scrap is so high that the weight of the ceramic differs depending on the vehicle model. But the weight of precious metals in catalytic converter scrap is between 0.3% and 0.6%.  Related Article: How To Fix Catalytic Converter Clog

Dodge Ram Catalytic Converter Scrap Price

Currently, you will notice that catalytic converters are no longer being sold as one of the components of a vehicle. Instead, the precious metals you will find in this component, especially in Dodge brands, are becoming a valuable commodity for everyone to sell. The scrap price may vary by car and its condition, but on average, the Dodge Ram catalytic converter scrap price is about $300 to $1,500 when sold locally.

The Dodge Ram catalytic converter scrap price is high because it contains precious metals. Also, PGM group metals like rhodium, platinum, and palladium are all used in the manufacturing process of catalytic converters.

What Is the Value of a Diesel Catalytic Converter?

Many refiners test each type of catalytic converter they want to buy to determine its precious metal. Once they find out, they can determine its worth based on the current precious metal price. But must cat converter buyers normally get their prices from digital databases or catalogs?

So, how much is a diesel catalytic converter worth? Before knowing its worth, you must understand that there are 3 types of catalytic converters, which are:

  1. DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)
  3. METALLIC FOIL (Steel).

The diesel catalytic converters contain platinum and rhodium, while petrol catalytic converters contain rhodium, palladium, and platinum.

The value of a diesel catalytic converter is anywhere between $500 and $2,500. However, diesel catalytic converter and their prices may vary depending on the model and manufacturer.

How Much Is A Catalytic Converter Scrap Worth?

Do you want to know the worth of your catalytic converter scrap? Below you’ll find the most comprehensive price and market value.

  1. Euro 4 High Performance is worth $60.
  2. A large Chrysler is worth $100.
  3. XBODY is worth $400.
  4. A GM is worth $320.
  5. Airtube is worth $100.
  6. The AC/Thin Pipe BL is worth $190.
  7. BL Thick Pipe is worth $350
  8. A GM Medium is worth $250.
  9. SE HIGH GRADE is valued at $870.
  10. Malibu Legal Lacrosse is worth $80.
  11. SE 6 LINE is valued at $440.
  12. SE MEDIUM is worth $390.
  13. SE 5 L is worth $340.
  14. SE LOW is worth $190.
  15. JEEP is worth $300.
  16. The HIGH-GRADE DOMESTIC is worth $280.
  17. A STANDARD DOMESTIC is valued at $230.
  18. A Direct-Fit Mitsubishi Outlander 3 is worth $100.
  19. The standard PRE is worth $100.
  20. “SMALL FLOW” is worth $150.
  21. The aftermarket is valued at $26.
  22. A small foreign currency is worth $300.
  23. The value of foreign PRE is $160.
  24. The value of foreign medium is $390.
  25. FOREIGN LARGE, for example, is worth $490.
  26. The value of XL FOREIGN is $590.
  27. The value of LOW-GRADE FOREIGN is $230.
  28. The value of LOW PRE is $70.
  29. A rare animal is worth $840.
  30. The value of SMALL EXOTIC is $710.
  31. SUPER EXOTIC is worth $980.
  32. The TORPEDO HI is worth $1,250.
  33. Torpedo 3B is worth $680.
  34. The price of the Universal Catalytic For Petrol Engine is $358.
  35. The TORPEDO REGULAR is worth $340.
  36. JUMBO BEAD is worth $150.
  37. A regular bead costs $45.
  38. An old diesel is worth $13.
  39. CAMRY is worth $170.
  40. An O2 SLANT is worth $630.
  41. The price of O2 STRAIGHT is $910.
  42. Domestic foil is worth $33/lb.
  43. Foreign foil is worth $40/lb.

Please note that according to 2021 data, there are three catalytic converters that have the most platinum, and they: 

  1. Ford F250 
  2. Dodge Ram 2500
  3. Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe 63. 

This is because of the number of precious metals contained in them. They are worth about $1,000 to $3,300.

current ford scrap catalytic converter prices and pictures

What Is the Isuzu Catalytic Converter Scrap Price?

The Isuzu catalytic converter scrap price ranges between $400 and $1,200, but this depends on the vehicle’s year and model. But note that the larger the engine, the more expensive the converter will be. Remember that these prices are only for Isuzu catalytic converter scrap.


Catalytic converters are worth a lot, and they are important components of your vehicle because they help in cleaning the air that you breathe. They also protect the engine of your vehicle from wear and tear by making it run for years to come. Catalytic converters, whether new, old, or scrap, contain platinum in them since the metal is what helps them prevent nitrogen oxides from forming during the combustion process. Platinum is used for catalyzing these emissions, and this is the main contributor to acid rain and smog. 

I guess my post has helped you to understand catalytic converters better and how much they are worth. The reason why people want them so badly is because of the large amount of money in catalytic converter production material.

With this knowledge, when someone asks you about catalytic converters’ scrap worth, you’ll be able to reply to them with what you have learned here today. But note that the value of catalytic converters’ scrap changes, and this depends on the precious metals in them.

So make sure you don’t get scammed by scrap yards when you want to sell your catalytic convertors after scrapping your old car.

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