7 Best Headphones for a Metal Detector(Headphones for Metal Detecting)

Metal detectors are objects that are used to find metal buried under the ground. They are used to find metals, gold nuggets, aluminium, nickel, and irons that are underground.

Detectors are also used by security personnel to detect concealed weapons in metal form. If like to know about the legal implications of using a metal detector in Florida then read this here it will guide you.

In this post we will look at a few best headphones for a metal detector, these headphones for metal detecting that I am going to list here will have the best market value with high customers satisfaction rate. So if you wondered how much metal detectors cost on average if you just like to buy nice headphones for metal detecting devices then this is the post for you.

You can find detectors in places like airports, stores, supermarkets, and organizations. It can be used to detect weapons like irons, guns, knives, and even bombs.

A metal detector that is in a good condition makes a beeping or clicking sound once it detects a target.

Every metal detector should have good accessories. One of the most important accessories it could ever have is a good set of headphones.

When you use headphones while you are detecting metal, you can block out various background noises around you and only concentrate on the tones of your hidden treasures.

This article will examine the features that good metal detector headphones should have and some of the best headphones for metal detecting on the market right now.

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Features of a good Metal detector headphone

There are various headphones out there that you can choose from. You need to be certain that you are choosing the one with the right features. Here are some of the features to look out for:

  • A good set of headphones must be able to withstand pressure. It must be durable.
  • It must have dual volume control so that you can be able to adjust the settings for each ear.
  • You need to make sure your headphones have a ¼” plug.
  • The headphones must be able to obstruct background noises to avoid obstruction.
  • Make sure you check its stereo and mono capabilities to make sure they can work with various types of detectors.
  • Check the sound quality of the headphones to be certain the tone is very sharp and clear. You need to check this yourself as we all hear things differently.
  • Lastly, it needs to be comfortable.

7 Best Headphones for a Metal Detector: Headphones for Metal Detecting

1. Garrett Z-Lynk MS-3 Wireless Headphones Kit

Garrett is a brand that is trusted for creating the best brands of metal detectors and headphones. You can use the Lynk headphones with almost any type of metal detector. It is very comfortable for anyone to use as the fit can be adjusted.  It has two volume control and also a mono/stereo switch. With this, you do not have to worry about the kind of detector to use with it. You can purchase it here

2. Califone 3068AV Stereo/Mono Headphones

This headphone has dual volume control in each of its cups which provides optimal listening. It is very durable to use and reduces external noise. Califone also allows users to switch between the stereo and monaural modes to provide optimal sound quality. It is about $19.50. You can buy it here

3. OneOdio Stereo Monitor Headphones

This headphone offers comfort and smooth & clear sounds. They are built with high-quality ear cushions which are designed to isolate background noise. It has a pretty adjustable and stretchable headband that you can fit in any desired angle. OneOdio headphones can work with Android, iPhone/iPad, iPods, and various devices. It is about $37.99. You can get it here

4. Universal Wired Metal Detector

This headphone is for pylesport metal detectors but can work perfectly with other brands as well. It is a standard headphone with a volume that is easily adjustable and within arms reach. These Universal headphones have sound insulation padding on the earpiece which provides the ultimate comfort for users.  It is lightweight and sold for around $14.87. You can buy it here

5. White’s MXSport

This is a Waterproof headphone with an audio waterproof speaker. It only works with a White MXSport metal detector. With a hybrid design, this headphone has ear cups that cancel noise. You can purchase it here

6. Fisher Weatherproof Headphones

This headphone is one of the best ones out there for a metal detector.  It cancels the surrounding noise and has a dual volume control. This product has a high performance producing quality sound. You can obtain it here .

7. Koss QZ-99 Noise Reduction Stereophone

This is a good option for treasure hunters. You can make use of it to listen to music as you are hunting for treasures. It is very comfortable to use and has good sound quality. This product is very flexible as it allows for switching between mono and stereo. It is sold for around $19.14. You can purchase it here

How much metal detector cost on average?

If you are a beginner trying to go into metal detecting, then you need to get a standard and working metal detector. There are various options for you out there.

You just have to get the one with the right features and capabilities. A good metal detector can cost around $500 to $10000.

Most of these detectors are pulse detectors and can be used even to detect gold nuggets.

Before you choose a metal detector, you need to go online and search for recommendations from different users.

Metal detecting beginners Guide:

There is an excitement that comes from finding treasures underground. If you are just joining the thousands of people who love detecting metals, then you should know that this will be quite an adventure for you.

No matter the gender or race, there are millions of people out there who participate in metal detecting.

There are also people who chose careers in this field and they are called archaeologists.

They travel to far and wide places hovering over sites with the hope of detecting new findings.

There are lots of treasures just lying underground waiting to be discovered. Now that you have chosen this particular hobby, you can be among the people to uncover the next big thing in the world. You can detect treasures in various places like parks, beaches, and sites.

A metal detector is quite easy to use so even without any prior knowledge, you are good to do. There are various metal detecting for beginners that you can always get.

Besides that, if you purchase a detector, there is every chance that it will come with its own manual. Now, you can start your exciting journey using metal detectors.


In summary, this post explained all you need to know as a beginner in metal detecting and also some of the best metal detector headphones out there.

You can avoid distractions while treasure hunting by blocking external noises and focus only on your target. Invest in good pair of headphones today to have a wonderful adventure.

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