How to release electronic parking with dead battery Volkswagen

If you reading this article, it simply means you want to learn how to release electric parking with dead battery volkswagen.

For most new vehicles being produced today, control components are taking over the old systems; this changes the parking brake. More and more vehicles are being equipped with electronic parking brakes.

This content solves the electronic parking issue and a few problems; make sure you follow the steps and methods.

This comes with a whole new set of challenges. From Diagnostics to servicing the system; this also means when there is a failure in another procedure, such as the electrical system parking brake may become inoperable and may not release if you have a vehicle it comes equipped with all-wheel drive pushing this into the shop may not be an option.

I will take through that might allow you to move the vehicle into the shop a little bit easier, and without the use of a tow truck, it will require getting under the back of the car and gaining access to the rear brake calipers.

To do this, you will need to lay on the floor and have a jack; please be careful when doing this in the parking lot. Ensure you’re in a safe spot where no other vehicles can enter the car.


Make sure the surface you’re going to be jacking the vehicle upon is stable enough to support the jack and jack stands appropriately.

Once you have the vehicles safely jacked up, you’ll need to slide under the car, locate the rear brake calipers; look at how the electromechanical parking brake motors are mounted. Some are serviceable, and some are not.

How to Know If They Serviceable or Not Serviceable?

  • If they are serviceable, they will have bolts holding them onto the aluminum caliper housing
  • You would not see bolts holding onto the aluminum caliper housing If they were not serviceable.

Note: You won’t perform this procedure if they are not serviceable.

Once you locate the bolts, you can remove them but don’t unplug the electromechanical parking brake motor because this might cause the system to lose the basic setting and, in some cases, may require you have brake calipers.

After removing the bolts, the electromechanical parking brake motors carefully removed the engine. Make sure not to catch the motor or harness on any suspension components.

Then secure this out of the way next using the correct socket that will fit into the back of the caliper piston. Turn the caliper piston adjustment bolt 1/2 to one complete turn to release the brake caliper after doing this to both sides.


You can take the vehicle off the jack stands, ensuring that neither of the electromechanical parking brake motors gets caught on any suspension components while lowering the car once on the ground.

You’re ready to move the vehicle after you fix it. On most new systems, you will need to reverse the procedure on the electromechanical parking brakes.

The control module will relearn the air gap between the brake pads and the motors. This can be done by operating the electronic electromechanical parking brake twice.

How Do You Release the Parking Brake on a Volkswagen.

  1. You must make sure your vehicle is well parked.
  • Press on any brake with your foot.
  • Then go toward the center of the vehicle, and you will see the full brake; it is on with a red light indicator; when you pull it up with your finger, it shows a yellow light indicator.
  • If it engages an indicator that shows PARK on the instrument panel with a red light, that means the parking brake is engaged.

To disengage it or to turn it off,

  1. You have to put your foot on the brake.
  2. The entire brake is on with a yellow light indicator; you must press it down and hold it down.
  3. Then the parking light goes off.

How Do You Manually Release an Electronic Handbrake?

Volkswagen has an ATE EPB system on each rear caliper with a mounted motor. All the structures, including the engine and its transmission, can be removed, but you need a scan tool to release, disable and restore the system.

ATE makes an aftermarket EST tool that plugs into the OBDII connector and allows remote system operation.

In the driver’s seat, EPB can be used for several functions. When pressing the brake pedal, EPB will be released and can also be used as an emergency brake while driving. It is also used as a hill-holder.

With your vehicle stop / well parked and the brake pedal pressed with your foot, pulling the EPB switch applies the parking brake.

When they are done correctly, the driver can release the switch and the brake pedal then the EPB will terminate automatically when the accelerator pedal is pressed.

The parking brake indicator will indicate light on the instrument panel is used to communicate different messages to the driver:

  • The EPB Light will illuminate the EPB switch anytime it is turned ON
  • When the EPB is engaged with the ignition switch turned OFF, the EPB light will turn ON for 30 seconds.
  • If the light blinks continuously after turning the EPB switch ON, the brake has not attained sufficient clamping force to hold the vehicle.
  • If a malfunction is detected in the EPB system, the yellow warning light will illuminate, and a notification will appear on the instrument panel display.

How do you release an electronic emergency brake that is stuck?

You can try several things to get the electronic emergency brake release. You make must where you are is safe to try this thing; you can try rocking the vehicle back and forth or manually getting under the car to pull the cables.

You can also try this method, setting and releasing the brake multiple times in the hopes of knocking the brakes free.

How does the VW electronic parking brake work?

VW operating logic of a parking brake is relatively easy by pressing the button where the brake caliper’s brake clamps the pads to the disk. When the button is pressed or pulled, you will hear the mechanism in the brake calipers.

It signals that your vehicle is now firmly fixed and will not move. Until you move the vehicle, the electronic parking brake will automatically disable when you drive your car.

In Some other vehicles, when you first start the car, you must put your foot on the brake and push/pull to disable the electronic hand brake. I hope the contents were in a handful position to solve the issue.


This article has shown how to release electronic parking with dead battery on VW, all we need to do is just to follow the instructions above.

The good part of the about Volkswagen is, it also has a system called the ATE EPB where you can operate it manually, this is an amazing tool. just follow through the instructions above and you will never have difficulties on how to release a parking brake with Volkswagen.

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