Does Gold Show Up On A Metal Detector(How To Find Gold Without A Detector )

Is it possible to detect gold using a metal detector? Yes if I must be direct. In this article, we are going to look at where to look for gold with a metal detector, how to detect gold without a metal detector, the best metal detector for gold and silver, and finally, how to find gold with a metal detector. 

How To Find Gold Without A Detector

Overview On the Uses of Metal Detectors

 If you’re hoping to strike it rich by discovering genuine gold jewelry on your next journey, read our in-depth advice today to be sure you’re establishing realistic goals. You have a whole new world at your fingers when you buy a metal detector. Your detector offers up a world for you to uncover, from your home to the ocean to the woodland trails you enjoy wandering. So does gold show up on a metal detector yes like I said earlier, gold can be discovered using metal detectors? Read this: 4 Best Garrett Metal Detectors for Beginners

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does gold show up on a metal detector

Just like other metallic components, gold can also be discovered with the help of a metal detector designed specifically for the conditions in which gold is discovered. It’s not a myth or a fable; you can find gold with the correct tool.

Metal detectors function by producing a small magnetic field that detects concealed things in the ground. The Multi-frequency or PI-type detectors are the best at detecting gold. Because of the size of gold and its low conductivity, detectors that run at lower frequencies have a harder time finding it. 

On the other hand, higher frequency metal detectors are better at locating gold because they can distinguish tiny materials more precisely. Higher frequency waves have stronger conductivity than lower frequency waves.

Gold is almost always discovered in mineralized areas. The aforementioned indicates that there are many minerals, such as salt, in the earth around the gold. As a result, obtaining property conductivity that allows metal detection to take place can be difficult. Gold-hunting machines will be able to get around the mineralization and still find gold.

Where To Look For Gold With A Metal Detector

The top three states are listed below. They are not only historically significant mining states. Gold nuggets are still found in these areas regularly.

1. Alaska

Large gold nuggets can still be found in several creeks and rivers. Ganes Creek, Mores Creek, much of the water around Fairbanks, the Fortymile region near Chicken, and Anvil Creek in Nome are just a few of the more well-known locations.

2. California

This is one of the best locations for finding sizeable gold nuggets. California’s Motherlode, located on the western sides of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, produced some of the country’s largest nuggets in the past.

3. Arizona

You have a good possibility of finding gold in this place. Mohave, Yavapai, and Maricopa counties are the greatest places in Arizona to look for gold nuggets; however, nuggets can be found almost everywhere in western or southern Arizona.

If there is one “secret” to discovering gold, it is to look for it where it has previously been discovered. When metal detecting for gold, look for areas where nuggets have previously been discovered.

When you obtain a new metal detector, the first thing you should do is read the owner’s manual. After you’ve finished reading it, go back to the beginning and read it once more. Understanding your machine is crucial to detecting gold with a metal detector, so take the time to learn everything there is to know about it.

How To Find Gold With A Metal Detector

Finding gold begins with buying the right toll (metal detector) and mastering its capabilities. If you don’t have a gold detector, you’ll have a difficult time finding little nuggets. Gold detection differs from that of other metals in that it relies on the induction of the detector’s pulse. 

The frequency of operation of metal detectors is not the same. You can find a lot of rubbish using a traditional detector. Working with the appropriate frequency is important when it comes to discovering gold.


A gold detector is a wise option if your primary usage for a metal detector is to find gold. Gold detectors appear to be similar to normal metal detectors, but they are not exactly the same, so you need to look out for that.

When using a gold detector, it emits electromagnetic waves into the ground to search for gold. The signal that comes from that field is then processed based on how it responds to metal items buried beneath the ground. An electrical current from a power source is used to create the electromagnetic field.

Alkaline batteries are used to power most gold detectors on the market. In summary, an electromagnetic field is sometimes generated by the search coils themselves. 

These gold detectors feature a perfect ground balance between mineralized ground exploration and pulse induction. Most metal detectors have pre-programmed settings for finding metals, including gold, but some do not.

How To Metal Detect Without A Metal Detector 

Metal detecting doesn’t stop at using a metal detector. You can transform your Android phone into a metal detector with a mobile app (available on the Apple App Store or Google Play).

Although not as effective, an app may just assist you in locating those small metal objects before you trip on them or get them sucked into your vacuum cleaner. Magnetic locators can also be used to find ferrous metals, and their sensitivity is not affected by the size of the object being sought.

In addition, the distance between the insulating materials and the locator’s tip. However, when compared to using a metal detector, the possibilities and search potential are limited.

Building a metal detector:

Metal detectors for experts are easy to set up, but they take time and effort. However, a calculator, an AM/FM radio, as well as some masking tape may be used to make a simple handheld detector.

Next, Switch on the AM or AM/FM radio, adjust the frequency as far to the right as possible, and then turn up the volume until you only hear static. Place the calculator next to the radio and turn it on. Rotate it around until the static note becomes more consistent.

Tape the calculator and radio together while keeping them in the same place. You could put them in a CD jewel case if you want to be flashy.

What is best metal detector for gold and silver?

So what are the best metal detector for gold and silver? From my experience, I find the SUFFLA gold metal detector and the DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector for Adults Professional  Pinpoint Waterproof Gold and Silver detector to be a very efficient, high quality, and very durable device that will serve you for years. And both detectors are designed for depth and high sensitivity to detector gold even the more hide and wost conditions. 

Having come this far let’s now look at how to detect gold without a metal detector is it even possible to detect or find god without a metal detector? Let’s find out. Also, read this article on Best Metal Detectors for Gold and Silver

Can I find good without a metal detector?

Well, my response to this question is yes. But it is not that straight forward and it is very difficult to find or detect gold without a metal detector. To find gold without a gold detector will require that go back to the old-fashioned way which involves the sieve and pan method. This method will be discussed in the next heading on how to find gold with a metal detector, let get into it.

How to metal detect without a metal detector

A sieve and pan could also be used in place of a metal identification when looking for gold, but that will be covered later. The much more conventional searching process involves looking for gold along riverbanks and in the moving water layer, which may have accumulated in soil and rock bottoms. When burrowing through or sifting the soil, you can use a sieve to filter out unwanted material while retaining shiny gold pieces and nuggets.

How To Find Gold Without A Detector 

Sure to watch this video here for more info on finding gold without a gold detector.

Final Thought:

In this article we have discussed the question does gold show up on a metal detector and  I was able to show you that metal detector can find gold efficiently especially if you use a gold specific metal detector and the Suffla gold detector and DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector are my top picks and best metal detector for gold and silver you can get.

I also showed you where to look for gold with a metal detector how to metal detect without a metal detector and finally how to metal detect without a metal detector.

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