Dodge Ram 2500 catalytic converter scrap price guide in the US, UK and Canada

Catalytic converter scraps are very valuable small and large pieces of metal that are placed during the manufacturing process. These metals make catalytic converters have value when they are destroyed as scraps.

Note that catalytic converters are normally made from aluminum, steel, copper, and other alloys. These features help in minimizing emissions from diesel engines. Due to the value of these scraps, the prices have become so high in comparison to the value of other metals. 

Dodge Ram 2500 catalytic converter scrap price guide in the US, UK and Canada

As the demand for catalytic converter scrap increases, many companies are now pushing for scrap catalytic converter value.

It is important to note that there are five primary metals found inside every catalytic converter, as well as other materials. They are:

The metal palladium

Palladium is generally more expensive to use than platinum. This means that it tends to be more expensive and has a higher-end luxury value for catalytic converters.

The metal platinum

This metal happens to be the best metal that performs as well as others in the catalytic converter field. This metal can help to negate the pollution and fumes coming from your vehicle’s engine before they come to the exhaust to trap the bad particles. 


This is used to help stop the fumes and is then paired with palladium to help minimize more of the toxins.

  • Metal Shield

This is known as the “steel on the outside.” However, it can be seen as magnetic stainless steel or even seen as a regular 303/304 stainless steel case.

  • Metal Foil or Ceramic Foil

It is what you usually see under precious metals. It is the honeycomb type of pattern that you see throughout the catalytic converters. It is meant to have all of the surface space and openings to have more exhaust pass through it to capture the harmful toxins.

For you to understand more about catalytic converter scrap, I have compiled some questions and their answers concerning catalytic converter scrap prices in the UK, US, and Canada.

Are Diesel Catalytic Converters Worth Anything In The US?

Yes, they are! Ever since DPF’s (Diesel Particulate Filters) were introduced in late 2000, there has been a new form of catalytic converter. Check out wires like THHN found in diesel catalytic converters and make some comparisons. In the market today, copper is very easy to price since it is traded.

Assuming 1 pound of copper is worth $5.00, and there are 100 pounds of THHN and the copper content it has is 75%, this simply means that 100 pounds multiplied by 75% will be equal to 75 pounds of copper, which at $5 per pound, then it is worth $375.

Note that older or larger vehicles have more expensive catalytic converters. But on average, a diesel catalytic converter’s worth in the US is about $600 or even more. 

However, if you’re looking to sell your diesel catalytic converters, you can always visit The Rockaway recycling company is constantly looking out for this precious metal.

Are Diesel Catalytic Converters Worth Anything In the UK?

Indeed, every diesel vehicle will have a diesel oxidation catalyst. This is what converts the carbon monoxide found in vehicles into carbon dioxide and helps in breaking down any unused fuel. Catalytic converters (CATs) contain lots of valuable metals and have been included in the exhaust of many diesel vehicles manufactured since 2001. Due to this value, diesel catalytic converter prices in the UK have ranged from £800 to £2500, and this depends on the make and model.

Dodge Diesel Catalytic Converter Scrap Value In The US

Diesel vehicle catalytic converters are no longer sold as parts. This is because the precious metals that it contains have become very valuable for many to sell. However, this depends on the car and the condition of the catalytic converter. But on average, Dodge diesel catalytic converter scrap value in the US is worth around $350 to $1400 whenever they are sold as scrap at the local wrecking service.

The rising value of catalytic converters is because they contain three precious metals: rhodium, platinum, and palladium. And in a standard catalytic converter, you’ll find approximately 3–7 grams of platinum. 

What Is the Dodge Ram 2500 Catalytic Converter Scrap Price in Canada?

The Dodge Ram 2500 catalytic converter scrap price in Canada is estimated at $300 to $1200. However, this amount is based on the age of the Dodge Ram 2500. However, used catalytic converters for Dodge Ram 2500 range in price from $564 to $2,064.

Is Dodge Ram 2500 Gas Catalytic Converter Scrap Price The Same With Ram 3500 

NO! The Dodge Ram 2500 gas catalytic converter scrap price is estimated at $400 to $1,500 and has great value due to the metals it contains. While the Dodge Ram 3500 gas catalytic converter scrap price is estimated at $600 to $2,500. 

However, this price range is based on the age of the Dodge Ram. 

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What Is the Scrap Value of a Dodge Ram 3500 Catalytic Converter?

Many people have observed the money involved in catalytic converter scrap, and this is because of the precious metals contained, as it has become very profitable. This is due to the catalyst converter’s perceived value for its internal materials that don’t deteriorate over time. 

Many have become very curious about the Dodge Ram 3500 catalytic converter scrap price value. However, the Dodge Ram 3500 gas catalytic converter scrap price is estimated at $600 to $2,500. This isn’t a small amount when it is compared to other models of Dodge Ram catalytic converter prices.


The Dodge’s catalytic converter came into lamplight after it was produced. Not only that, a catalyst is one of the most vital components of a car. It helps to filter every harmful exhaust emission that comes out while the engine is running. Due to this, people started observing that the catalyst converter makes use of the latest expensive precious metals that are popular with many companies. 

This has made the price of scrap Dodge catalyst converters popular and several times higher. Since it has precious metal, the scrap is usually sold for around $400 to $1500 whenever it is sold as scrap at the local wrecking service. 

A detailed cat scrap price lookup guide for other vehicles can be found here.

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