Do Metal Detectors Detect Gold and Silver? + Best Metal Detectors for Gold and Silver

For some, treasure hunting is a hobby, while for others, it is a money-spinner; particularly when gold or silver is discovered. Non-ferrous metals such as gold and silver can be detected with a metal detector, but collecting them may require a more advanced metal detector.

So, do metal detectors detect gold and silver? The definite answer is yes. This article will provide you with the best metal detectors for gold and silver.

Metal detectors can detect gold, silver, jewellery, aluminum, nickel, coins, relics, among other things. Advanced features on some metal detectors may make it easier to find gems such as gold and silver.

It is essential to understand that some of these devices are intended for amateurs, while others are intended for experts. A display on the control box, item depth, iron content, and conductivity are some of the flexible features for easy detection.

Every hobbyist would love to find a gold or silver metal that the Metal Detector is capable of finding. Gold detection appears to be far more straightforward than silver detection.

This is because, if you know where to locate gold, you can quickly find it using a gold metal detector, whereas finding silver is more difficult. Silver is found as a metallic element and in combination with other elements like sulfide, chloride, and nitrate.

When prospecting for gold, a multipurpose metal detector can be used to locate enormous amounts of gold, silver, and coins. Ultimate Guide on How to Calibrate a Metal Detector

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Do metal detectors detect gold and silver?

Newbies might be wondering if metal detectors can detect gold and, in particular, silver. Indisputably, metal detectors can detect gold and Silver effortlessly.

There’s nothing distinctive about finding gold; all you need is to go to the gold spot and use the gold detector while Silver detection is quite uncommon. Because silver has such a high electrical conductivity, you should use ultra-low frequency metal detectors to find silver metal.

If you’re looking for gold and silver, there are metal detectors that can help you detect them.

Silver can be found in a variety of places, including fishing areas, burial grounds, and old homesteads. Placing it on a hard surface or striking it with another object will help you figure out whether what you found is silver.

You can perform the ice test to determine whether or not your object is silver. To do this, place the object you found on a piece of ice, and if the ice begins to melt almost soon, nice one! You just discovered silver.

Do you seek a metal detector that detects gold and silver? Here are the best metal detectors to use.

Best metal detectors for gold and silver

The metal detector to use will depend on the type of gold you’re looking for. Listed below are the best metal detectors for gold and silver.

1. Nokta Makro Gold Kruzer Waterproof Metal Detector

One of the best metal detectors for gold prospecting is the Makro Gold Kruzer. This device helps in detecting even the tiniest gold nugget. The Makro Gold Kruzer has a level of sensitivity that is unrivaled.


  • IP68 – Fully submersible up to 5 meters (16.4ft)
  • High Performance and Unmatched Depth
  • E.U.D Function – Extra Underground Depth
  • Lightweight

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2. Garrett ATX Waterproof Deepseeker Package

With the Deepseeker Package, the ATX can go even deeper in pursuit of greater treasure. In addition to the normal 12″ DD coil, the bundle includes a 20″ Deepseeker Mono Searchcoil.


  • Search Coils: 12″ DD Coil and 20″ Deepseeker Mono Coil
  • Military-grade Garrett hard case
  • Land Headphones Waterproof up to 10 feet
  • Advanced Ground Balance
  • Exclusive Design DD Search Coil
  • Motion and Non-Motion Modes
  • External Speaker
  • Frequency Scan

You can look up detail about this detector on Amazon with this link See Details of Detector.

3. Teknetics Omega 8500 Metal Detector with Waterproof 11″ DD Coil

This is an easy-to-use, fully-featured detector for locating gold, coins, and jewellery. The Omega 8500 is simple to use making it ideal for inexperienced detectorists. It includes an 11″ DD search coil with great depth and pinpointing capabilities.”

When searching for silver, coins, and artifacts, the Teknetics Omega has a lower frequency for ideal performance.


  • Search Coil: 11″ Waterproof
  • Computerized Ground Balancing
  • Expanded Iron Range
  • Phase Error Readout
  • Analog Controls
  • Superior Pinpointing & Wide Sweep
  • Backlight
  • Independent Gain and Threshold Control
  • Ground Mineralization Readout
  • Choice of 3 Tones plus V.C.O
  • Frequency Shift to Eliminate Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Visual Background Iron-ID
  • Enhanced Multi-Level Depth Boost
  • Static Pinpoint

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4. XP ORX Wireless Metal Detector with Back-lit Display

The XP ORX comes pre-programmed with a coins mode for finding silver in tough hunting situations. This model is based on the top-of-the-line XP DEUS metal detector and packs a powerful punch when it comes to finding silver.


  • 4 Built-In Programs: 2 for Coins Relics and Jewelry + 2 for Gold Prospecting
  • 2 User-Defined Programs
  • Trusted XP Fast Wireless Technology: Connect to the coil, remote, plus optional headphones and MI-6 pinpointer.
  • Lithium Battery: Up to 20 Hour Battery Life
  • 99 Levels of Sensitivity
  • 5 levels of IAR
  • 20 Threshold Levels
  • Iron Tone with Pitch audio (ON/OFF)
  • Manual and Automatic Ground Balance
  • Salt Mode Ground Rejection
  • Target Identification with Iron Probability
  • Pinpoint Function with Target Zoom

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Best metal detectors for gold and silver coins

To detect gold and silver coins, keep your search coil near to the ground and overlap each sweep to discover gold and silver coins. Use any of these detecting devices.

5. Garrett ATX Pulse Induction Military Grade Metal Detector

It is one of the world’s most sophisticated nugget detectors. It aids in the discovery of gold nuggets, silver coins, jewelry, and artifacts.

  • Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro

The Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro is an amazing gold and silver coin detector. A massive 11″ DD search coil replaces the 8″ concentric coil in the Pro model. The 11″ DD coil increases the unit’s power in mineralized situations and allows for deeper searches.”

For coin collectors, the Platinum is great. This model has a mid-frequency and will find coins and jewels in a variety of ground conditions.


  • Search Coil – Waterproof 11″ DD               
  • 7.81 kHz Frequency – Perfect for an all-purpose detector.
  • Enhanced Target Identification – With custom programs
  • 2 Preset Modes
  • Expanded Depth Reading
  • Pinpoint Mode
  • Manual or Auto Ground Balance
  • Audio ID Tones – 4 Tones

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There are gold and silver detecting devices. Detecting gold seems much easier than detecting silver. Bear in mind that small amounts of silver, will not be detectable by a metal detector, thus if you locate natural silver while metal detecting, it will have to be a substantial lot of it.

When you find silver, you might ignore it because of its appearance. Large nuggets of silver might be dark or grey. Therefore, when you discover one, keep it until you examine it properly. You can use the ice test to check whether it is silver or not.

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