Causes Of Clicking Noise In Dashboard When Car Is Off Chevy Impala.

If you are reading this post, it simply means you want to learn about the causes of clicking noise in dashboard when car is off chevy impala.

Have you noticed the clicking sound staying on even when your Chevy Impala is off? Imperatively annoying and frustrating situation to experience! Although it is a widespread problem on all vehicles, Chevy vehicles are no exception.

The cause of this clicking noise emanated from a bad Body Control Module (BCM) located under the driver’s side of the dash. Additionally, this clicking sound comes up with lights controlled by the BCM.

Similarly, the clicking noise on the dashboard has other primary causes, including a faulty blend door stepper motor, lost calibration by the heater control module, and a lousy relay. Clicking while attempting to start your Impala signifies a flat battery.

Nevertheless, this guide will examine and explore these typical contents; how to fix the clicking noise in the Chevy impala, the clicking noise in the car dashboard when AC is on, the Chevy impala clicking noise driver’s side, the knocking sound in the dashboard impala, what can also cause Chevy Malibu clicking noise in dash, and more for your understanding.

Without much ado, let’s get started!

What Are The Causes Of Clicking Noise In The Dashboard When The Car Is Off Chevy Impala?

Chevy Impala Clicking Noise In Dashboard

There is nothing as displeasing as noise from the vehicle components, such as clicking noise from the dashboard. As I stated above, I will explore each in this section.

Calibration Of Heater Motor?

The HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Condition) system, also known as the car’s heater, is an erudite, clever kit.

However, it uses blend doors, sensors, and motors to control cooling/heating and airflow.

Perchance, it functions to track and hold all the positions of the motor in the system, regulates temperatures and fan speed, and performs a dual-zone demand, something only a computer could do.

Since the HVAC control module controls everything, a fault or defect would cause the blend door positions and other components to miss calculation, leading to unreliable motor activation and clicking sound. As a result, the recalibration of the system should be immediate.

Someone may ask, what are the steps for calibrating the HVAC of a GM – Chevy Impala?

Calibrating the Heat Ventilation Air Condition system requires specific sensitive steps but isn’t that difficult.

Similarly, most manufacturers could have a different sequence or need a bidirectional Scan Tool for calibrating the HVAC system.

Here you have the steps for a GM-vehicles!

  • Put the ignition on.
  • Push the Auto button.
  • Put off the ignition.
  • Take away the fuse from the HVAC system for 6o seconds.
  • Put the ignition on to enable the HVAC system to relearn mode and automatically run through the blend door positions. Leave the system to run for 120 seconds.
  •  Put the ignition on for about 15 seconds.
  • Start the engine to calibrate the system.

Note: Eventually, if calibration doesn’t fix the HVAC issues, then it is likely that a failing stepper motor is a primary cause.

Lousy Stepper Motor?

A lousy stepper motor will cause a clicking sound on the dashboard if it fails to move in a precise increment, as designed in automotive systems.

The attachment of the stepper motor to the blend door is most likely the source of the clicking noise in the dashboard.

In essence, to find the lousy stepper motor, a Scan Tool is used to detect the fault code since a control module controls the heater. Always pay attention to the gears and pivots to check for worn-outs, and have your ears to your dashboard.

Steps to replacing the stepper motor;

  • Take away the pigtail connector.
  • Use a ¼ ratchet as the space is tight.
  • Replace the stepper motor.
  • Calibrate the system since the Control Module has lost its counts and needs to relearn them.

Bad Relay

A relay is a small electro-mechanic device that controls a heavy circuit using a low amp circuit. Although with many circuits such as lights, wipers, starter motor, and horns.

In as much, it sends power through the control side; the relay tends to magnetize it and make the copper armature contact point too close to make one complete load side circuit as it powers the consumer.

Similarly, in a regular operation, the relay emits an audible click indicating that the contact points have closed and opened. As regards the functionality of the relay, if it becomes faulty or lousy, it will produce a repetitive clicking sound as it engages and disengages.

Simple steps to replacing a faulty relay;

  • Take out the faulty relay.
  • Push in the new one as you properly aligned it.
  • It would be best to use your manufacturer’s guide, possibly a good plan.

How To Fix Clicking Noise In The Chevy Impala?

It is vital to know that before you make any fix or repair due to clicking noise in Chevy Impala, you or your certified mechanic should be aware of the exact problem.

Although, it is wiser to check the entire system using a Scan Tool to get the trouble codes and address the issues properly and promptly.

Suppose the problem was the lousy blend door, faulty relay, or even a bad heater motor. The procedure for replacing them is in the above section of this guide.

Clicking Noise In The Car Dashboard When Ac Is On.

The clicking noise in your vehicle’s dashboard when the AC is on could emanate from the compressor, which functions like a pump to compress the AC refrigerant.

Eventually, the AC system becomes lousy as; it leaks, the turning on the compressor, the turn-off, perchance on again, and then off again.

The system has become defective, and this cycle of defection often makes an audible clicking noise in the dashboard of your vehicle.

Chevy Impala Clicking Noise Driver’s Side.

If your Chevy Impala begins to make a clicking noise at the driver’s side or the glove box, you might have changed the AC conditioning settings.

However, if you notice a clicking noise when you change the temperature, it is the faulty motor on the left-hand side of the glove box.

You would hear a clicking noise on the driver’s side of the glove box indicating that the motor is faulty.

Knocking Sound In Dashboard Impala.

Let’s dive into this section straightaway!

When you hear a knocking sound in your Impala dashboard, it boils down to the blend door problems.

The vent door, also known as the blend door, takes cool and warm (mixed air), which goes through the vents controlled by the blend door actuator.

In this electric motor, the blend door actuator moves in the right direction, but when it becomes faulty, lousy, stuck, or even breaks.

The mixed air would not move, and you might notice a knocking sound.

What Can Also Cause Chevy Malibu Clicking Noise In Dash?

Chevy Malibu making a clicking noise in the dashboard could also be a result of a weak battery as regards the flickering dashboard lights, relay in the starter solenoid, wrong connection in the dash and poor starter electrical connection, and many more.


To summarize this article, not most noise from the dash of your Chevy Impala is a situation to raise the alarm; perchance, most are indications that something wrong is about to happen.

Since vehicle parts and components cannot last forever, they might fail with time, and when they do, they produce noise, such as knocking and clicking in your vehicle’s dash.

However, if clicking and knocking sounds are most frequent from the dash of your Chevy Impala, then there are many complications in your HVAC system.

I recommend you don’t hesitate to take your vehicle to a certified mechanic to find the problems using a Scan Tool to check for and proffer solutions to the specific issues regarding the trouble codes.

Notwithstanding, the wisest thing you would do is to stay on top of your regular checkups. Do like and share this post with others!

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