Can you Cover a Smoke Detector with a Plastic Bag?

You might have experienced a false alarm beeping from your smoke detector either from the kitchen or around the elevator which may necessitate that you cover it temporarily and afterwards remove the cover when you are done cooking. If you are considering covering it with a plastic bag, sure it is safe! In this post, you will be provided with the steps on how to use a plastic bag to cover a smoke detector.

There are caps specifically used in covering a smoke detector; however, in the absence of that, you can use a plastic bag to cover it. Here’s a simple guide to use a plastic bag in covering the smoke detector. Is Covering a Smoke Detector Illegal?

Step 1. Use the appropriate size of the plastic bag as the smoke detector

The bag chosen should be big enough to cover the smoke detector adequately, it should not be so large that it makes some trouble. The freezer bag, which is of quarter size and thickness, will be best for this purpose.

Don’t use a big size bag; it might happen that the material will gather around, which would permit the steam and dust to come inside it.

If you have a grocery bag having no holes in it, it will also work for this purpose.

Step 2. Use a rubber band to hold the shopping bag

Cover the smoke detector with the shopping bag, stretching a rubber band on the upper side of the shopping bag where the opening of the ceiling meets.

You can use tape as well for sealing it off instead of tape if you don’t have it.

You should make sure that the plastic bag is secured enough in the activities of steam, smoke, or dust.

Step 3. Take off the bag while reactivating the smoke detector

You should uncover the unit by removing the plastic bag or tape. You should not do this until the unit is cleared by air to avoid noise. Dispose of the bag and tape and save the rubber band for the next time.

Can you Cover the Light on a Smoke Detector?

My response to this query is yes, you can cover the light on a smoke detector if you don’t want the light to be seen. And to do that here are procedures to follow.

·         Hiding the Sensor Channel with Tape

Locate your sensor channel of the unit. Nearly all types of smoke detectors are equipped with small internal chambers, that can suck the traces of air for checking the presence of smoke. The new models have narrow windows and the bottom portion of the windows around the unit’s housing. But in older models, the windows are present on the top unit and attached to the ceiling. So, it also depends on the model and brand of the unit.

The smoke detector has a sensor chamber that is very sensitive and makes it reliable. Sadly, its sensitivity can cause damages when it catches traces of air, dust, and chemical fumes.

·         Place a strip on the sensor chamber

Another way to cover the light on a smoke detector is by placing a strip on the sensor chamber.  Now cover the entire opening with a bright coloured tube or painter’s tape.

Note: You should not use transparent and white tapes because these are unnoticeable, use a coloured tape for this purpose.

·         Removing the tape after completion

Now peel off and dispose of the tape when the room is cleared once. Wait till visible fog has gone. Otherwise, you will not be able to set off the alarm.

Is covering a smoke detector illegal in the UK

Each country may have different stands on whether a smoke detector should be covered or not. The legality or illegality of covering a smoke detector depends on the reason behind the coverage of the smoke detectors.

There is no lay down law in the UK on how smoke detectors in homes and offices should be used, however, if, your smoke detector gives a false alarm, then some local laws would demand that an upgrade must be made.

In a situation, there was a fire outbreak, and it was observed that the detector was covered, then the owner of the building or the person injured, could file a petition. This would be for monetary damages and would be considered a civil liability. 

Best Universal Smoke Detector Cover Plate Amazon

·         Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector, Battery Powered, Combination Smoke & CO Alarm, Voice Alert

One of the best universal smoke detector cover plates is Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector, which has a powered battery and its functionality has a combination of Smoke & CO Alarm with Voice Alert.

This Universal Smoke detector is very much affordable and is powered by two AA batteries to keep you safe in the event of a power outage.

The combined smoke alarm detects smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide gas using ionization sensing technology and alerts you via alarms, LED lights, and speech technologies.

The alarm will make four quick beeps and say “alert carbon monoxide” if CO is detected. The alarm will sound with three beeps and the announcement “Fire” if smoke is detected.

A red LED will flash in tandem with the audio alarm, alerting you to fire, carbon monoxide, and low battery.  You can check out more details on this detector here and for the installation process please watch the video above.

·         First Alert SCO501CN-3ST Wireless Interconnected Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Location, Battery Operated

The First Alert SCO501CN 3ST Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Location detects either smoke or carbon monoxide in one unit.

The alarm creates a wireless safety network by connecting up to 18 other First Alert enabled alarms in your house.

The photoelectric smoke sensor is designed to prevent false alarms caused by kitchen smoke or shower steam while maintaining sensitivity to true danger.

A loud 85-decibel siren and a voice alarm with 11 customizable locations alert the user to the threat’s position and nature. You can check out more details on this detector here and for the installation process please watch the video above

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