Can Bad Alignment Cause Traction Control Light To Come On?

If you reading this post, it simply means you want to learn about if bad alignment can cause traction control light to come on.

Join us for an insider’s view if bad alignment can cause the traction light to come on. What would be my traction light to come on? What does it mean when your traction control light comes on and stays on? How I do fix the traction control warning light? How much does it cost to fix the traction control light and many more?

Can Bad Alignment Cause Traction Light To Come On?

Yes, incorrect alignment can activate the fault code that causes the traction control light to turn on in the control module, so yes. To maintain straight and faultless wheel movement, correct wheel alignment is required. Your tires will degrade more quickly with a bad alignment, though.

Both seasoned and novice drivers may find the dashboard-illuminated traction control light a source of frustration. Numerous things, including a damaged wheel sensor, a bad steering angle sensor, the weather condition, and many more, can cause it to turn on. But may a malfunctioning wheel alignment be turned on the traction light.

The traction control light may illuminate for various additional causes, though. Please continue reading to learn more about what illuminates your dashboard and how poor wheel alignment adds to it.

Can Bad Alignment Cause Traction Light To Come On.

What Would Cause My Traction Control Light To Come On?

One of the most frequent reasons for the traction control light on the dashboard is bad wheel alignment. However, you shouldn’t completely discount other options, some of which are as follows:

1.    Faulty Steering Angle Sensor.

The steering column houses a steering angle sensor. It measures the steering wheel’s angle, relative position, and rotation speed, as the name would imply. The control module receives the acquired data. Any flaw in the sensor results in inaccurate data that could harm the computation. Consequently, the traction control light illuminates.

2.    Faulty Wheel Speed Sensor.

Wheel speed sensors track the speed of the wheels and provide that data to the control system. The traction control system uses the same data from the wheel speed sensor to apply brakes wisely and prevent wheel locking. The traction control light will illuminate if any anomalies are found in the data from any wheel speed sensor.

3.    Faulty Steering Rack.

The steering rack is a crucial component of the power steering system and is attached to your steering wheel. For effortless steering, it receives the pressurized hydraulic fluid it needs. It is more difficult to steer a car with a damaged steering wheel rack, especially on rocky terrain. The traction control light may be set off by it.

4.    Weather and the State of the Road.

If traveling on a slick or icy road, the traction control light will blink or be on all the time. This typically means nothing to be concerned about because the traction control system is simply reacting to the driving conditions and carrying out its intended function. But if it continues to run, there is a problem that has to be fixed.

5.    Operation of Manual Override.

Most cars feature a switch on the dashboard to turn the traction control system ON or OFF. The light turns on when the switch is manually flipped on using that button. However, the word OFF is typically present in this scenario’s dashboard sign. You may have accidentally turned it OFF in the past.

When getting the automobile cleaned, it is not unusual to have different settings altered or safety features disabled.

6.    Failure systematically.

The majority of the systems in cars are connected. The traction light may also illuminate if the ECU, programming, limp mode, or any other system malfunctions are a problem. Although it’s the least frequent, this problem can be costly to diagnose and cure.

7.    Tire pressure is too low.

Wheel speed sensors measure the wheel speed and provide that data to the traction control and ABS units. Tire pressure may have an impact on how it operates. The wheel deforms when the tire pressure is low, which interferes with the wheel speed sensor. Your traction control warning light may turn on as a result.

What Would Cause My Traction Control Light To Come?

Depending on the vehicle. It denotes a traction control system error condition in various vehicles. In other cases, it indicates that a loss of traction caused the traction control system to be engaged.

The warning light is frequently illuminated when the traction control system senses a loss of traction, such as in snowy or rainy conditions. Usually, the system’s intervention to maintain traction causes the light to appear.

And also, the traction control light might turn on for several reasons. One explanation is that the traction control system is trying to aid by limiting how much power the engine can produce after determining that the car is moving too quickly for the road conditions. Another scenario is that one of the wheels may malfunction, and the traction control system is working to keep the car from spinning out.

What Does It Mean When Your Traction Control Light Comes On And Stays On?

It simply means that the framework may have been deactivated if the TCL illuminates and remains illuminated without flicking, malfunctioning the case; your car’s PC won’t recognize when your wheels start to lose traction. When turning off your footing control system, it is safe to drive in typical weather conditions. It is crucial to have your foundation reactivated if there is any chance that you will encounter evasive roadways.

Why Is Both My Traction Light On And My Traction Control Light Off On?

It may indicate that the system is “hard coded” or starting to fail if the light sporadically blinks on and off. The traction-control system’s computer may malfunction, or there may be a problem with the wheel-speed sensors, which warn your car’s computer of a potential loss of traction.

How Do I Fix The Traction Control Warning Light?

Quickly depress the gas pedal three times. Next, fully engage your engine and let it run for a minute. The TCS and ABS lights should reset and disappear without a traction control system issue.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Traction Control Light?

Since there are numerous potential causes for your light to turn on, there is no precise rough estimate for repair expenses. However, depending on your region and the technician of your choosing, the diagnostic test a mechanic must complete might cost anywhere (exclusive of taxes and other fees). Using a make-specific OBDII scanner, you can preview the possible issue on your vehicle. Most sophisticated systems require you to install an app on your smartphone or mobile device for them to function.


Cars depend on numerous interconnected systems and sensors to operate effectively. Every time one of those systems malfunctions, a series of events occurs that cause various warnings to appear on your dashboard.

A faulty wheel alignment could cause your traction control alert, but there may also be other causes. However, it is usually advised to check the simplest possible locations where the defect could be, in this example, the wheel alignment, while diagnosing automobile issues.

Most of the errors may always be avoided with regular maintenance. So, keep that in mind! Take good care of your car, and it will take good care of you and your money!

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