How To Turn On Blind Spot Detection Subaru.

In this article, l will be enlightening you on how to turn on blind spot dectection sabaru.

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Subaru vehicles have advanced technology that keeps them safe when driving on roads. The blind spot detector (radar) is in the rear bumper of most models of Subaru, and it is not difficult to detect on your Subaru.

The functionality of the blind spot detector on your Subaru is to provide necessary information regarding approaching automobiles and to help monitor the blind spot effectively.

In order words, your Subaru model effectively senses other vehicles in your blind spot region as a warning light will become visible on your side mirror.

Similarly, if you intend to change your lane, the blind spot detector will indicate a warning light to alert you that another vehicle is still in your blind spot.

Although, the blind spot technology is rightly available to some select models and trim styles of Subaru’s 2020 and 2021 model years.

To better understand this article, I will explore the following contents; which Subaru forester models have blind spot detection?

Does the 2021 Subaru forester have blind spot detection, how to turn on blind spot detection Subaru generally, how to turn on blind spot detection Subaru forester, how do you activate the blind spot assist, and more?

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Which Subaru Forester Models Have Blind Spot Detection?

Without mixing words, the Subaru Forester has six trim styles, and only five come equipped with a blind spot detection system.

However, below are the Subaru forester model/trims with the blind spot detection system.

  • Subaru Forester Premium
  • Subaru Forester Sport
  • Subaru Forester Wilderness
  • Subaru Forester Limited
  • Subaru Forester Touring.

Does The 2021 Subaru Forester Have Blind Spot Detection?

Yes, the 2021 Subaru forester has blind spot detection. Nevertheless, Subaru integrated the Blind Spot Detection technology in 2014, and has improved year after year.

Though, blind spot detection is only available for selected models such as Premium, Sport, Limited, And Touring.

How To Turn On Blind Spot Detection Subaru Generally?

It is a clear fact that blind spot detection in Subarus enhances the capability of your vehicle to detect and help you drive safely on the road. Here you have the procedures to turn on the blind spot detection on your Subaru.

  • It would be best if you located the BSM on your dashboard.
  • Hold the BSM button until you observe the indication warning in the mirror outside.
  • As a beep sounds, it is to inform you that your blind spot detection is set and turned on.

How To Turn On Blind Spot Detection Subaru Forester?

Here you have it simple!

To turn the Blind Spot Detection on, press the BSM button on your vehicle’s dashboard, which is on the left hand of your steering.

Importantly, for the system to be turned on, you will notice an indicator lighting of the blind spot outside the car’s mirror as you hear a beep to confirm that the system is on.

How Do You Activate The Blind Spot Assist?

How Do I Turn On BSD?

The BSD is an approach warning light on the side of the rearview mirror, which goes off after 2 seconds of illumination. To put it on, there you have a simple way;

Press the BSD switch as an indicator light will disappear, and the BSD is activated.

Although, the BSD may not function properly when the following activities block the radar wave.

Do All Subarus Have Blind-Spot Detection?

No, not all Subaru have Blind Spot Detection. It is available on selected models and trims styles from 2020 to 2022. Irrespective of the Blind Spot Detection system, all Subarus have outstanding standard safety technology features.

How Do You Turn On Eye-Sight On A Subaru 2021?

The Eyesight Driver Assist Technology for 2021 will help you have more self-confidence in what goes on behind the wheels as it monitors traffic conditions and forehand warning against potential hazards.

Therefore, to turn the Eyesight on a Subaru 2021 requires the steps below;

  • Place your gear in the Park position as your turn on your vehicle.
  • Locate the Multi-Function Control Buttons on the left-hand side of the steering.
  • Access the LCD with the buttons as you toggle the display till you get “pull and hold” the Switch For Menu.
  • To reach the setting menu, click pull and hold the i/SET from the Multi-Function Control Buttons.
  • Use the Up/Down buttons to find the Eyesight switch on the setting menu.
  • Click the warning volume as you hold the i/SET switch.
  • Use the three options to adjust the Eyesight.
  • Then, set the volume to your choice as you pull and hold the i/SET switch.

Simple right? You can now enjoy your vehicle’s Eyesight to its fullness.

Where Is The BSM Button?

The Blind Spot Monitoring (BMS) button is inside the rear bumper fascia of your vehicle. Although, it uses two radar sensors to detect highway vehicles that could have entered the blind spot either from the rear/side/front of your car.

Why My Blind Spot Is Assist Inoperative?

Having a deactivated or inoperative blind spot assist on your vehicle could be frustrating. Nevertheless, the primary cause of your inoperative blind spot assist is heavy rain, which removes the radar (a sensor) from your vehicle’s rear bumper. So, be sure to seal it properly.

Here are other causes of an inoperative blind spot in your vehicle;

  • Extreme high or low temperatures.
  • Dirt on the radar sensor in the rear bumper.
  • Drive very close to lane crash barriers.

How Does Subaru Blind Spot Work?

Since Subaru speaks of safety, in 2014, the manufacturers of the Subaru model invented the blind spot detection system to help you minimize road accidents.

Although the working principle of this device is into three phases;


·        Blind Spot Detection.

Blind spot detection uses radar sensors on either side mirror, as the warning signs are shown to the driver when another automobile is in the blind spot.

·        Lane Change Assist.

As you try to change your lane to another, your vehicle triggers a flashing light in your side mirrors if another car approaches you.

·        Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Similarly, this system is potentially beneficial in fast-moving traffic as you avoid much danger.

At the back of your vehicle, the blind spot detection warns of traffic approaching from either side as you intend to reverse from a parking point or drive away.

However, this safety system has audible warning signals and visual signs on the side mirror and the center console display unit from the rearview camera in your vehicle.

Is Blind Spot Monitoring Standard On Subaru?

No, Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) is not standard in Subaru. Nevertheless, BSM is found to be standard in a few Subaru, and not even most of them. For instance, blind spot monitoring is standard in the Subaru forester sport of the 2022 model.

How Do You Turn On Lane Assist On A Subaru?

To turn on the lane assist on a Subaru, follow the simple procedure below;

  • Press and hold the switch for the lane assist (departure and Sway) for about 2 seconds to put it on.
  • Repeat the above step to turn off the assist lane (Departure & Sway) functions.
  • Click the switch button for about 2 seconds to turn the lane assist functions.

Does Subaru Blind Spot Detection Beep?

Of course, yes, the Subaru blind detection beeps! This beep or audible sound helps you look in the mirror to be off from potential danger.


Blind spot detection is a driving, supporting device that utilizes various functions to help you, the driver, make decisions that will enhance safety and comfort as you drive along.

This device assists you with the drive, not replacing you. Remember that not all Subaru models have blind spot detection, but they are pretty selected models whose trims have this device.

It is crucial to understand the functions of the major in your vehicle system to effectively and efficiently use them properly. I recommend you carefully study the above work and visit your manufacturer’s guides when necessary.

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