AT Max vs Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Reviews

The All-Terrain (AT) series is an installment of a series of metal detectors. The waterproof metal detector series has the AT Pro, AT Gold, and the AT Max. They can handle anything ranging from hunting in a desert or a park.

It can handle anything and requires minimal maintenance to function perfectly. This post is going to look at the differences, comparisons, and various reviews between the Garrett AT Pro and AT Max metal detector. Be sure to also check out this article on 7 Stores to Buy White Metal Detector Replacement Battery

Garrett follows up after the AT Max is the AT Pro. It was not made or designed to replace the Pro but to add more features to it. It provides more features to the users and guarantees additional protection.

Some of its upgraded features are improved electronics for greater depth, digital target ID, automatic and manual ground balance, true all-metal mode, and Z-lynk wireless audio. According to Garrett, these features make AT MAX the most versatile and advanced of all AT detectors.

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AT Max vs Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Reviews

Before you choose a metal detector, you need to consider what it is you are going to use it for. There are lots of differences between the two detectors that will help you narrow down your choice and pick the one that will suit your demand.

Garrett AT Pro vs. at Max

Although AT Pro and AT Max were created by Garrett, they both have various differences. Some of these differences are:

Operating Frequency

Garrett AT Pro has an operating frequency of 15kHz which is higher than lots of VLF metal detectors in the same price range. It is very efficient in detecting small targets and also gives maximum target separation. This makes it a suitable choice for finding gold nuggets with its ground balance feature. This metal detector is a single frequency detector and it is possible to make little adjustments to counteract intrusion from other detectors.

AT Max has an operating frequency of 13.6kHz which makes it a brilliant detector for discovering targets like coins, jewelry, brass relics, and so on. Although its frequency is lower than the AT Pro which means it has a higher penetration with less target separation, the frequency is higher than the average VLF metal detector, making it very efficient to discover and separate targets. One of its main advantages over AT Pro is that it provides maximum sensitivity and depth penetration, meaning that it can be useful for serious detection. With it, you can detect what your old detectors could not. However, it is possible to adjust its frequency to get rid of obstruction from other detectors.

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Digital Target ID

The AT Max LCD panel shows a huge numerical ID which moves from zero to hundred to give the visual representation of the composition of the target. This is a standard feature that is mostly accurate as long as there is a balanced ground.

The AT Pro also has a screen where it displays a large target ID. It is on a 0 to 99 scale, and provides correct information about the composition. Its gives the user the target metal type that provides ID as fast as possible, once the ground of the environment is balanced.


The most expensive of the series is the AT Max and this is mainly due to its upgraded features. It has an all-metal mode, search mode, integrated wireless headphones, and 44 iron discrimination segments, while AT Pro has 40. AT Pro is more suitable for beginners than AT Max. The former allows its users to choose between Pro and standard audio, while the latter only has Pro.

The AT Pro is $552. 45, while AT MAX is $722.45 on the Amazon website.

Gold detection

Both AT Max and Pro may have the capability of detecting gold. However, detectors might not be able to handle the mineralization of the ground where gold is detected. Even though Pro has features that make it capable of hot ground hunting, it lacks the sensitivity of detecting tiny gold flakes. So, you might have to look for a detector that is specifically made for gold hunting.

Some other differences between AT Max and AT Pro are:

AT Max

  • Audio Output: Built-In Z-Lynk Wireless technology
  • Headphones: Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk Wireless headphones
  • Weight:03lbs
  • Search coil type:5 x 11” DD PROformance
  • Ground balance: Automatic, manual
  • Search: All metal, custom, no discrimination
  • Waterproof: up to 10 feet

AT Pro

  • Audio Output: Stereo/Mono Wired Headphones
  • Headphones: MS-2 Headphones Weight: 3.03lbs
  • Search coil type:5″ x 11″ DD PROformance
  • Ground balance: Manual
  • Search: All Metal, Coins, Custom, Plus (3) Pro Modes
  • Waterproof: up to 10 feet

Garrett AT Pro metal detector manual

The AT Max has almost the same design as the AT Pro. It is a waterproof detector that weighs up to 3.03lbs, and can be powered by 4 AA batteries. It is very versatile, and designed for serious and difficult hunting. In addition, it can withstand everything other metal detectors are not able to handle such as hunting on a rough ground.

You can use this device to discover jewelry, coins, and relics. Its coil, as mentioned above, provides great depth and also target separation. You can as well choose to purchase more specialized coils. Although it is a great metal detector, it can’t be used to search for Gold.

Garrett AT Max metal detector

The AT Pro is designed as an all-purpose machine. It is powered with a 4AA battery, and it is recommended to buy rechargeable cells to save money.  It is best for searching for coins, relics, and jewelry. Unlike the AT Max, you can use it to search for gold due to its frequency and ground settings. AT Pro provides a target separation and depth for a stock coil.

It is lightweight and so, when using it, one does not often get tired. It can be used for a long period of time without stressed. In addition to that, it is very easy to use with its standard mode.

Conclusion On AT Max vs Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review

In conclusion, AT Max has a built-in Z-Lynk technology that is faster than other bluetooth technologies. You can use it as a cordless connection from your headphones to the detector. However, its frequency is quite lower than AT Pro. Both AT Max and AT Pro are all-around metal detectors.

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