Are Budget And Avis The Same Company?

If you going through this post, it simply means you want to acquire knowledge about if Budget and Avis the same comany.

And if you plan to have an outstanding vacation with your kids or family as you leave the chaos of staying indoors.

That would be so wonderful, but you have been worried about not owning a vehicle to make the vacation fun and enjoyable.

Although, you may ask if there are any car rental companies at your services. Don’t worry anymore; a famous car rental company in the USA, Avis Budget Group, is ready to solve your rental problems and provide warm services.

So far, these sister companies are ranked on top of the most popular chart as they provide implausible features and 24/7 services through their customer service provider and team.

Perchance, users of these services are uniquely rating and loving the experience of these sister companies. In essence, you might have seen the two companies sharing the same office space, as such behind the counter at the airport, which indeed have left you speechless; I would say, don’t be overwhelmed trying to decide which of them you should rely on, read thoroughly to understand the similarity or connection between them, and which one you would prefer their services.

Notwithstanding, this article will explore these contents such as; are Avis and Budget car rentals the same company, what is the difference between Avis and Budget, is Budget and Avis the same company, is Budget car rental good, and more.

Let’s break it down to discover their uniqueness!

Are Avis And Budget Owned By The Same Company?

Are Budget And Avis The Same Group

Of course, they are owned and operated by the same mother company – Avis Budget Group Inc. As regards the above, Avis was initially owned by Cendant Corporation as it bought Budget Group in the fourth quarter of 2002 in a deal worth $107.5 million.

Perchance, Cendant Corporation split into four individual companies, and the vehicle rental division of the Cendant Corporation became Avis Budget Group (ABG) as of 2006. In 2011, the Avis Budget Group also bought Avis Europe, though it was an independently-owned licensee of the ABG.

However, ABG became so effective when it acquired Avis Europe in this unique reunion. So far, the two sister companies are owned and controlled by the same mother company.

Are Budget And Avis The Same Company?

Irrespective that Budget and Avis fall under a parent company, Avis Budget Groups Inc. I wouldn’t say they are the same; they relate and differ in particular ways.

Notwithstanding, Budget Rentals act as a subsidiary entity to Avis Budget Groups. On the other hand, both operate at separate agencies, and the merging of these two companies has reached 1 billion deals for car rentals, Avis Budget Groups Inc.

Are Avis And Budget Car Rental The Same Company?

In essence, Avis and Budget car rentals are not the same company. However, they are very related in most activities and features. These two companies mentioned earlier are part of the four brands with Avis Budget Group as their parent company. This mother company has its headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey, USA.

What Is The Difference Between Avis And Budget?

Although there are similarities between Avis and Budget, their differences make the distinction. So, differences are vital if you are very much about your spending strength in renting cars or aiming to acquire their services.

Cost of Car Rental?

Regarding car rental costs, it is generally cheaper at Budget than at Avis. However, Avis is more concerned as it caters to the higher end of the market, whereas Budget targets people with lower incomes and budgets. So far, getting the exact vehicle at a lower price with Budget is more accessible than with Avis.

Different Mileage Treatments.

Notwithstanding, Budget rental gives unlimited mileage, but not all vehicles. So, rent cars with unlimited mileage to avoid additional charges as you go on your trip.

On the other hand, Avis offers unlimited mileage to most of their vehicles for rent. However, you should know the limit of the car you are renting before embarking on a trip. However, the mileage treatment of Budget is far more than the Avis.

Availability Of Special Services.

Avis rental offers an exceptional service that lets you pick up or rent their vehicles and leave them from your preferred location. So far, you wouldn’t have to bring it back to the Avis station where you hired it.

Similarly, Budget likewise offers the same exceptional service, but not in every location and station.

Distinctive Rental Requirements.

An adult of 25 years old is privileged to rent vehicles at Avis, but there are some restrictions and conditions for 21 years old. On the other hand, Budget is more lenient with age necessities, as they permit their customers who are 21 years old to rent and drive their vehicles.

Nevertheless, these two companies require any renter to have a valid driver’s license, and for non-English licenses, your International Driving Permit can be functional.

Availability And Location Factors.

As regards the availability of services, Avis is in more than 160 countries. She also offers all its services in more locations and offices than Budget, which is available in only 120 countries.

Is Budget And Avis the Same Company?

Without wasting any moments, let’s dive into the answer!

Of course, Budget and Avis are not the same company since their policies and principles differ in cost mechanism, driver’s requirements, quality of services, and a few others.

As much as they have the same business model, almost rent the exact vehicle types, and share the same mother company, their target markets are distinctive.

Is Budget Car Rental Good?

Yes, of course, Budget car rental is good. That said, Budget car rental offers good services to their customers at lower prices in renting; the cost of vehicles and other added benefits is lower than that of Avis.

Hence, other reasons why Budget car rental is good are listed below.

Here you have them!

  • Budget car rental has a good reputation as its market targets lower incomes and budgets.
  • Have unlimited mileage for most of their vehicles at cheaper rates.
  • Budget car rental has lenient principles and terms of age conditions for adults intending to rent their cars.
  • Have a facility where you can hire or rent an extra driver. Though the cost depends on the vehicle model you intend to rent and the duration, you want the driver to stay with you. So far, this service is solely subject to your location, in any case.

Who Did Budget Car Rental Merge With, Avis?

Of course, they did merge when Cendant Company split into four separate companies, so the vehicle rental division of the split company became Avis Budget Group. However, Avis Budget Group acquired Avis Europe and merged it with Budget rental cars as a brand of vehicle rentals in 2011.

How Does Avis Preferred Work?

Let’s get into some intro!

Avis preferred a loyalty package offered by Avis car rentals. However, this package or program is primarily revenue-based, as you would earn points as long as you spend.

You would also use these acquired points for rent, upgrades, and accessories. Although there are two levels of status in the Avis preferred program, which includes;

  1. Avis preferred, and
  2. Avis preferred plus.

Do join Avis Preferred here!

Here you have the working pattern of Avis preferred!

How To Earn Avis Points.

It would be best if you rent a car to earn points on Avis Preferred points, as your possible earnings are on your elite rank within the package.

Avis Preferred – Have the base level of this program as;

  • Earn 1 point for $1 for every qualified car rental (100 point minimum)
  • Earn 2 points for $2 spent on accessories such as GPS, Radio, child car seat, and more.

Similarly, Avis preferred plus, where your earnings depend on how many rentals you have made (to be determined by the rental activity of the previous calendar year).

  • Earn 1.25 points for $1 for $5,000 spent or 12 rentals on qualifying vehicle rentals (100 point minimum).
  • Earn 1.5 points for $1 for #7,000 or 25 rentals on car rentals, and 3 points for $1 on accessories.

Although, a qualifying vehicle rental is possibly wholly paid for at any available Avis location.

How To Use Your Earned Avis Points.

To redeem your earned points, starting at as little as 250 points and 700 points for accessories and vehicle rentals would be best.


To summarize this article, Budget and Avis have the same mother company, Avis Budget Groups Inc.

Though they are sister companies with the same parent, perchance that does not make them the same company.

Although Avis is older when compared to Budget car rentals as they operate in over 100 countries each.

Similarly, these sister companies have many differences, such as target market, leniency in driver’s requirements, availability and location, rental costs, and more. In as much as they differ, they also have some similarities.

Deciding on moving on a trip with the services of one at the expense of the other vehicle rental services solely depends on some crucial factors like; your location, quality of services, cost consideration, mileage of your trip, extra driver, and so much more.

I recommend you choose Avis Budget Group for car rentals and other related services. Hopefully, you will have a memorable vacation with your kids. Do like and share this informative guide with others!

Can I Use Avis Preferred With Budget?

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