4 Best Garrett Metal Detectors for Beginners (Garrett Metal Detectors ACE 300)

Are you looking to buy a metal detector and you’re not sure which one to buy well, you are just on the right articles because I will be showing you my selection of 4 Best Garrett metal detectors for Beginners you can get on Amazon.

I will also discuss how to change the battery in Garrett AT Pro metal detector, so if you have ever said to yourself, “how do you change the battery in a Garrett metal detector”? Then this is your guide on that as well and finally, I charted briefly on Garrett metal detectors ace 300. So with that in mind let’s get going with this article. See this article also for more on this topic. Be sure to also check out this article on 7 Stores to Buy White Metal Detector Replacement Battery

Metal detectors are extraordinary fun tools used in searching for treasures especially metals buried underground.

 In any case, they can likewise be reasonable, permitting you to get together deposits of nails, screws, and sometimes gold buried. Read through this article to discover the best 4 metal detectors, along with their descriptions.

There’re various brands of metal detectors with XP, Minelab, Garrett, and Fisher among the best. This article focuses on the Garrett metal detector, and I will gladly provide you with the 4 best Garrett metal detectors a beginner can use.


4 Best Garrett Metal Devices for Beginners: Garrett Metal Detectors ACE 300

·         Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Beginners can easily use this metal device as it requires no expertise. One of the features is the WATERPROOF TO 3 METERS OR 10 FEET AT Pro suitable in both fresh and saltwater. This is coming on top of this because I have personally used and still have it to date.

I have used this so many times n so far it still seems very good and solid, I have used to find very small to a large bee been a 22 rifle shell. Some were really small and still found them.

“Also I would get a pick, a small shovel, n other things like a small pinpointer, cause it will make it easier for you.  I got mine to find meteorites mainly n seem to pick up iron good, but I will also be looking for gold”.

If you are a beginner and want something much easy sure to use then definitely check this detector out. You won’t regret it.


  • Has MS-2 Headphones
  • Comes with pre-installed Batteries
  • Includes Garrett 2 Year Warranty

Also, watch this video for more on how to start using your  Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector.

·         Garrett ACE 300

Unarguably, this is one of the best metal detectors. Beginners and Pros can use it. The exclusive Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector comes total with a submarine pursuit curl, in addition to three gift embellishments: ACE natural concealment, search loop cover, and Easy stow earphones. You can get this here on the Amazon product page.


  • Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector with submarine Search coil
  • Includes 3 FREE Accessories: Volume control Garrett, Clear Sound, Easy Stow earphones.
  • ACE Environmental Cover up
  • 7″ x 10″ Search coil Cover

·         Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector, Orange

For identifying and pinpointing metallic objects, the Pro-Pointer AT offers all-terrain adaptability. It is fully submersible to a maximum depth of 10 feet (3 meters) and is shielded from the elements.

Assist in determining the size and distance of the target. Fully waterproof to 10 feet with orange colour for added visibility underwater.


  • Fully waterproof to a depth of ten feet, with an orange tint for increased visibility underwater.
  • Maximum Sensitivity for improved nugget and other small target recognition.
  • Maximum Sensitivity for improved detection of nuggets and other small targets. Choose from three Sensitivity levels.
  • Fast Retune: Quick button press instantly tunes out environment or narrows detection field for precise pinpointing of larger targets

Check out this detector here on the Amazon product page.

·         Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector

The Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector features configurable notch discrimination, pinpointing, customizable sensitivity, and depth settings.  Though there are better metal detector units out there, however, this one is a very good and affordable unit for a beginner to start with.


  • Loaded, Sporty Outdoor Design
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Coin Depth Indicator
  • Headphone Jack
  • Rugged 3-Piece Travel/Storage Construction

See detector here, with more details and information to help you decide whether go for this or not.

How to change the battery in Garrett AT Pro metal detector

The AT Pro is considered a tough machine built for outdoor use in all conditions. When the four illuminated bars on the Battery Level Indicator light up, the AT Pro is working with new or fully charged batteries.

Until the batteries need to be replaced, the detector will continue to function normally.

By turning the battery cover one-quarter turn counterclockwise, the cover will be removed.

Pull the cap straight back using the top and bottom of your hands. To change the batteries, slide the battery plate out.

How to change the battery in a Garrett metal detector

When there is only one fragment left, replace the batteries. NiMH (Nickel-metal hydride batteries) could be put to use. Depending on the battery kind and condition, expect to be active for 20 to 40 hours.

To change the battery in a Garrett metal detector, pull the cap off the battery holder to remove it.

To access and change the batteries, turn the battery cover lodging a one-quarter circle counterclockwise.

Remove the batteries from the Garrett detector if they will be stored for more than 30 days.

Garrett metal detectors ace 300

The Garrett ACE 300 is a perfect example of getting more for your money. It includes several features that set it apart from most entry-level devices, which transitional trackers would appreciate, but its UI is still simple to use, which is a plus for beginners.

Earphones, a climate cover, and a curl cover are included with the ACE 300.

For around $300, this metal detector is a fantastic value for an expert looking for better-than-average quality at a low price.

How Does the Garrett ACE 300 Perform? The Garrett ACE 300 metal detector is a single recurrence Continual Wave device that operates at 8 kHz.

Its recurrence may be adjusted by four minor levels, which is something the ACE 200 lacks.

While this capacity may not be required, it is useful to have when electricity wires or other metal detectors in rivalries begin to interfere.

It’s a surface investigation metal detector that’s rated to detect things up to 8″ deep, but it can go deeper depending on the target’s chemistry and size, the dirt, and your settings.

Despite this, it may not perform effectively in high-mineralization circumstances due to its need for an industrial facility to set the ground balance.

When used as intended, it’s a fantastic all-around metal detector for some experts.


·         5 Different Modes of Detection

There are Zero-Disk, Jewelry, Custom, Coin, and Relic modes on the ACE 300. In Zero-Disk mode, each of the 12 discrimination pixels is turned on, but no metal targets are deleted.

This will collect a wide range of metals and can also assist in identifying valuable items that are commonly stowed alongside rubbish items.

·         Digital Target ID

This feature distinguishes the ACE 300 from a wide range of low-cost metal detectors. It estimates the conductivity of the objective article and displays its value on the screen as long as factor parameters such as size, direction, and depth of the objective allow estimation.

·         Segments with Iron Sensitivity

While it lacks the Iron Audio function found on the ACE 400, it does include Iron Masking. Iron waste can “hide” the symbol of a nearby (next to/near) great objective on several occasions.

This component is used to increase the iron discrimination presented by the four fragment bars on the screen to avoid missing a significant coin.

·         Pinpoint

If you have an electronic pinpointer built into your metal detector, you may not need to acquire a handheld pinpointer.

Pinpointers are used to locate items that a metal detector cannot definitively locate.

·         Waterproof

You’ll only be able to see through shallow water, but if your control box falls into the water, you’ll have to retrieve it quickly.

Conclusion on garrett metal detectors ace 300

The Garrett metal detectors are one of the best metal detectors for beginners. It has a few advantages over competing metal detectors in the market.

Moreover, if you are looking for a metal detector easy to use, and at an affordable cost, then you may want to consider the Garrett metal detectors. To buy, use the links provided in this post.

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