How Does The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector Works (Cost & Uses)

If you are reading this post, it simply means you want to learn how does the bounty hunter discover 3300 metal detector works both costs and uses.

It is an undisputed reality that some precious items have been under your feet undiscovered for over a hundred years! Have you thought of that?

Though, it is your opportunity and time to discover these valuable items without spending many dollars.

Even if you are yet to begin the discovery, the Bounty Hunter Discovery Metal 3300 Detector will be very helpful. Firstly, what is a metal detector?

 A metal detector is a device for searching for relics, metals, coins, and gold in most ground conditions. However, an excellent detector suitable like Bounty Hunter Discovery Metal 3300 Detector uses four functional tones to provide audio feedback to you on the target regarding identification, discrimination ability, and a waterproof coil as its features.

 Although, the Bounty Hunter Discovery Metal 3300 Detector offers models specially designed for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and professional detectorists.

 Also, their discovery line is an excellent option for you if you are looking for an all-purpose metal detector at an affordable price.

I will streamline the following contents for your understanding; how does the bounty hunter discovery 3300 metal detector work, can a discovery 3300 metal detector find gold?

What is the use of a radio shack discovery 3000 metal detector, and more?

Let’s get started without further ado!

How Does The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector Work?

The bounty hunter discovery 3300 is a digital metal indicator that allows you to identify the depth of hidden treasure.

 In contrast, the 11-segment target identification will enable you to determine the numerical values of the hidden gem in the ground.

Although the working mechanism of the bounty hunter discovery 3300 metal detector is that;

The Bounty Hunter Discover 3300 Metal Detector works by transmitting electromagnetic waves of 6.6Hz frequency from the search coil to the ground.

Although any metal or object within the range of the electromagnetic wave will automatically be energized as it responds, to this effect, the detector receives the signal from the object through the search coil as it alerts the operator by beeping with a high-pitched tone, low tone, or even a mid-range tone.

In essence, varying tones indicate different objects. However, the Bounty Hunter Discover 3300 Metal Detector can ignore irrelevant targets and sort relevant things by discriminating them by types. I recommend you use the owner’s guide effectively as you work on this device.

Can A Discovery 3300 Metal Detector Find Gold?

The simple answer is yes; a Discovery 3300 Metal Detector can find gold. It can even discover artificial gold objects and naturally occurring gold with its board.

To this effect, gold throws a curve ball at metal detectorists as it comes as ‘white gold, an impure form and an alloy with metals like nickel, zinc, palladium, or silver.

What Is The Use Of A Radio Shack Discovery 3000 Metal Detector?

The Radio Shack Discovery 3000 Metal Detector is a detector powered by two 9-volt batteries and an LCD-featured screen.

However, this device can tell what type of metal you have detected during your hunting, using different tones for distinctive metal types, the notch, auto notch settings, and other sensitive components to make your search for treasure easy and effective.

Where Can You Buy The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector For Cheap & Why?

Firstly, you can get the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector at an affordable price at Amazon. At Amazon, there is prime shipping, unlike other sellers, and you will also get other customers’ ratings and reviews.

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Secondly, you can also get the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector at a low price at Walmart.

Although Walmart offers free shipping feet, the price may vary. Get it here at Walmart .com. Nevertheless, Walmart offers free 30-day returns with a suitable customer review method.

Note: I recommended the above because their shipments are usually 1 to 3 weeks after purchase.

What Is The Discovery 3300 Metal Detector Price On Average?

The Discovery 3300 Metal Detector costs range from $200 to $400 depending on the quality of the product and its seller. Though at average, the cost is about $300 at most.

What does The, Discovery 3300 Metal Detector Cost?

For instance, the Discovery 3300 Metal Detector on Amazon is about $249.99, excluding shipping & import fees. Although, this cost could also be affected depending on your location regarding the shipping and import fees.

How To Use Discovery 3300 Metal Detector?

The device composes features such as; detection mode, discrimination, sensitivity, coil size, ground balance, identification, and operating frequency. So far, to use your discovery 3300 metal detector effectively, the below steps are crucial.

Understanding The Discovery 3300 Metal Detector

Before using any technology, you must get conversant with the equipment and its functions, especially for beginners to conduct their affairs properly.

So, you need to get the manufacturer’s manual/guide, or even online tutorials could be beneficial.

·        Search In An Ideal Location

As you search, be careful to hear, observe and understand the various tones ranging from high-pitched, mid-range, and low tones. However, these tones indicate different objects as you will become more experienced with the sounds as time passes.

·        Move Gently

Grab the device as you lower your search coil to the ground about half an inch. In your hunt for treasure, you must walk gently and slowly to detect a beeping tone.

·        Stop and Start Digging After A Good Tone

At this point, it is vital to stop when you might have got a good tone. Pinpoint the target’s location and use the necessary tools to cut, dig and get your treasure.

·        Package Your Findings

Dust and clean your pouch with a soft brush and store your valuables.

·        Hunt For More

You could search further around that locality since you have permission, and there is never a moment it is enough to stop. Go ahead and have fun with your device as you acquire new treasures.

How Do You Use A Discovery 3300 Metal Detector?

To use a discovery 3300 metal detector, I will explore a quick start on how to use this device in two-phase procedures.

Indoor Use And Testing

  • Turn on the metal detector.
  • Set the target mode.
  • Place the device (detector) on a wooden table, as you should remove wristwatches, rings, metals, or jewelry.
  • Adjust the detector’s search coil so the flat part points to the ceiling. Be sure not to test or use the sensor on the floor inside a building to avoid interference.
  • Gently move your sample material on the detector near the search coil, such as a nail, gold piece, or zinc penny.

If there is detection, the device sounds give a tone and show on the top of the display screen next to the metal it has found. Set the detector in a target mode and for specific metal.

Outdoor use and testing

  • Turn the device
  • Set the target mode in the Setting Target Mode.
  • Look for an area outside where is no metal.
  • Please search for the material you intend to find and place it on the ground as you mark the exact place you put the item. Doing this will help you find it quickly.
  • Be sure not to place the item on grass or even weed.
  • At about ½ inch, hold the search coil close to the ground surface as you gently move, sweeping over the area you placed the item.
  • Press the GROUND TRAC on the front of the detector if you set the device to ALL METAL target mode.
  • The GROUND TRAC is essential to adjust the mineral content of the place you are searching.
  • Find other metals in that place as you wait a few seconds for the detector to reset after beeping with a tone.

Important Hints on the Search Coil

Always follow these sweeping hints when searching for treasure.

  • Don’t sweep the search coil in a to and fro manner (pendulum manner).
  • If you set the device in ALL MEATL target mode, it is unnecessary to sweep your search coil to detect the material.
  • Gently sweep, perchance hurry will cause you to have a missed target.

How Do You Ground Balance on Discovery 3300?

It is crucial to ground balance on Discovery 3300 before you use the PINPOINT mode. However, the essence of this ground balancing is to offset the effects of minerals and salts in the ground.

Here are simple ways to ground balance your Discovery 3300;

Step 1: Use All Metal mode, and find a patch of the ground free from metal. Then use the section of the land to test the detector.

Step 2: Start with the ground balance KNOB in the PRESET position.

Step 3: Make your search coil to be on your waist level.

Step 4: Click the PINPOINT touchpad.

Step 5: Lower the search coil to the ground maintaining it above half an inch.

  • No further adjustment is required if the detector remains silent with the search coil half an inch over the ground.
  • Hence, the detector is Ground Balanced.

Step 6:

If the detector produces sound with the coil over the ground in the preceding step, then further adjustment of the ground balance KNOB is necessary and as follows;

  • Lift the search coil to the waist level
  • Rotate the ground balance KNOB 1/16 of a turn
  • Push the PINPOINT
  • Lower the search coil to the ground.

Repeat the procedure if the detector still tones since you search for the ground balance where the KNOB position will be silent.


Nevertheless, you can discover treasures on the ground, in the woods, beach, or even at the back of your building. Perchance, you don’t have to waste much time and save much money to achieve this hunting adventure.

With a metal detecting device like the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector, your hunting for treasure is as simple as ever!

Although, if you are a beginner, it will be wise of you to hunt on permitted premises or locations and have a tutorial or check the manufacturer’s guide for adequately utilizing this great device.

I recommend you follow the detailed procedures above as you have outstanding hunting. Do like and share this article with others!

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